New measures to combat crime, citizen security, and property safety


Minister of Justice Abdel Rashid Tabbi presented a draft law before the Legal and Administrative Affairs and Liberties Committee of the National People’s Assembly

Abdel Rashid Tabbi, Minister of Justice and Keeper of the Seals, confirmed that the draft penal code falls within the framework of implementing the program of the President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, related to combating crime and ensuring the security of citizens and the safety of property.

The Minister of Justice explained, on Thursday, during his presentation to the Legal, Administrative Affairs and Liberties Committee, of the text of the law, that it came to support the economic reforms pursued by the state to encourage investment and protect economic managers in the exercise of their duties by distinguishing between management acts and criminal errors.

The same minister added that, with the aim of liberating an initiative among managers in the public economic sector, the project proposes to review the provisions related to the act of management by including objective elements that allow identifying the elements that constitute the crime of waste and assessing the criminal liability of the manager, in addition to proposing to criminalize all acts related to investment, in line with the law. Investment issued in 2022.

The project also includes, according to what was stated in the Minister’s presentation, strengthening the protection of the security forces, by clarifying the penalties prescribed for acts of insult and assault to which members of the various security forces are exposed, as this text constitutes additional support for the legislative and regulatory texts in force.

Regarding alternative penalties, the government representative added that the text also proposes reviewing the provisions related to work for the public benefit, including raising the legally prescribed penalty for crimes to which this penalty is applied to five years in prison instead of three years, with the inclusion of a new alternative penalty of being placed on probation. Electronic system, which allows the judge to replace the prison sentence by placing the convict under an electronic monitoring system.

The representatives appreciated this project and considered its amendment to be responsive to the aspirations of society and state institutions regarding the morality of public life and the restoration of the authority of law and the prestige of the state, especially within the trend towards digitization in judicial transactions.

On the other hand, in their interventions, the representatives questioned the availability of sufficient means and resources to work on tackling cybercrimes.

The members of the committee called for focusing on electronic security and protecting information, as well as continuing to apply modern technology in the judiciary. The interveners also suggested increasing the number of judges, reducing the rehabilitation period, reconsidering immediate appearance, and retaining jurors in social cases.

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