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The Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Youssef Charfa, confirmed today, Thursday in Algiers, that developing an accurate map of the natural capabilities to implement investment projects in the agricultural field in the southern states will allow the activation of the national plan for the development of strategic agriculture.

The Minister explained, in his opening speech for the study day organized by the Ministry on the “Map of Agricultural Qualifications at the Level of the Southern States” at the headquarters of the Ministry of Energy and Mines, that developing an accurate map of the natural capabilities necessary to complete investment projects in the agricultural sector in the southern states, in coordination with all actors, “will allow the identification of special needs.” In terms of soil, water, as well as energy, infrastructure and communications, these are essential factors for activating the national plan for the development of strategic agriculture.

To materialize this, the minister adds, it requires the combined efforts of everyone at the central and local levels, to contribute to accelerating the pace of completion of several programs, such as connecting agricultural investments to electricity, facilitating procedures for drilling wells, and valuing unconventional water.

The meeting was attended, in addition to the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, by the Minister of Energy and Mines, Mohamed Arkab, the Minister of Finance, Laziz Fayed, the Minister of Irrigation, Taha Darbal, the Minister of Posts and Telecommunications, Karim Bibi Triki, and the Minister of Environment and Renewable Energies, Fazia Dahlab, in addition to To the representative of the Ministry of National Defense, the 6 governors of the Republic, the presidents and general directors of public companies, and a number of executives under guardianship.

For the purpose of identifying the major oceans that will receive the integrated investment projects that require special accompaniment by all concerned sectors to implement them on the ground as soon as possible, in a closed working session, the technical studies and maps that have been completed by the various competent departments regarding the actual capabilities in terms of water and soil were presented and discussed. Available in the southern states.

On this occasion, the Minister touched on the most important goals assigned to enhancing food security and related to the production of widely consumed food needs, such as grains, dry legumes, oilseeds, milk and sugar, in embodiment of the commitments of the President of the Republic, Mr. Abdelmadjid Tebboune, who urged the need to move towards sustainable land reclamation in the south to develop industrial agriculture.

In a related context, Mr. Charfa mentioned that the agricultural sector is witnessing interest from Algerian and foreign economic operators to invest in the south, especially after the entry into force of encouraging measures for investors, such as the Green Corridor, for projects exceeding 10,000 hectares.

For his part, the Minister of Irrigation, Taha Darbal, highlighted the role played by his interests in accompanying the agricultural sector in implementing the strategic program by mobilizing the necessary water resources in all their forms, considering that water is the basis and essence of the development of agriculture.

It is advanced, especially in the southern states, which require significant quantities of this vital resource due to geographical and climatic characteristics.

The Minister pointed out that the expansion and development of agricultural areas depends on the availability of the water resource.

With the aim of valuing, developing and expanding this gain, the minister adds, the irrigation sector is working to provide assistance to investors in agriculture in the south by giving them all the facilities related to benefiting from licenses to drill wells in the region, especially in the desert, which is rich with a large strategic reserve of groundwater.

In the same context, he pointed out that his interests are working to draw a comprehensive and accurate picture of the country’s groundwater capabilities in order to exploit them optimally in a way that contributes to achieving food security and boosting the national economy.

The National Water Resources Agency, affiliated with the irrigation sector, accompanies the process of granting well drilling licenses as the sole guarantor of groundwater resources, and is responsible for determining the methods and ways of exploiting this important and vital resource, in a way that ensures its renewal and sustainability and limits the manifestations of its depletion.

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