Touqurt… expected to produce more than 17,000 quintals of grain during the harvesting and threshing campaign – Algerian Dialogue


The total cultivated area is estimated at about 584 hectares, distributed among ten agricultural investments active in this type of strategic agriculture in the state, where soft wheat leads the largest share of the cultivated area at 290 hectares, followed by barley with an area of ​​224.5 hectares, while an agricultural area of ​​70 hectares was allocated to durum wheat and wheat. As the same source explained.

To ensure the good conduct of this campaign and its success, all material means and human capabilities were provided, as well as the necessary logistical support, as no less than 56 trucks, eight harvesters, five tractors, and five hay baling machines were deployed, in addition to allocating a collection point with a storage capacity estimated at 40 thousand quintals, as was indicated. .

While supervising the launch of the harvest and threshing campaign for the ongoing agricultural season from the “Al-Qadashi” agricultural investment area in Al-Hujaira, affiliated with the Kosidar Foundation, which occupies a total area estimated at 4,022 hectares, of which 460 hectares are designated for grain cultivation, the governor of the state, Othman Abdel Aziz, highlighted the importance of this species. Of agricultural investments that would enhance the state’s efforts to achieve self-sufficiency in various strategic agricultural crops.

In the same context, he stressed the need to redouble efforts to expand the areas allocated for grain cultivation, work to increase storage capabilities in the state, and engage more in efforts to achieve food security.

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