National decision-making unity is a safety valve against “skepticism” projects


Head of the National Construction Movement, Abdul Qadir bin Qurayna, at the opening of the regular session of the National Shura Council

The head of the National Construction Movement, Abdelkader Ben Qurayna, affirmed that the unity of the national decision is the safety valve against all projects of confusion, trembling, questioning and penetration. What is required of all patriots today is to search for opportunities for cooperation and assembly and not to open loopholes in our national ranks that may, God forbid, lead to… Creating cracks in the national decision.

Ben Qurayna explained, on Friday, at the opening of the regular session of the National Shura Council, that national cohesion is not a partisan goal, but rather a national goal that we achieve together like a solid structure that supports each other, because Algeria today is in dire need of all its people.

He added that, hence, the National Cohesion Initiative was the Homeland for the Homeland initiative, and it calls on all national forces to postpone differences and rise above narrow calculations, because the goal is to protect national stability.

The head of the National Construction Movement stressed that this situation places us before a historic responsibility to protect our national sovereignty and fortify it against any foreign interference that wants to destabilize us by challenging our national path, for which national reconciliation was one of its major milestones in stopping national bleeding, healing wounds, and removing hatreds among the people. The one unified Algerian – as he put it -.

Ben Qurinah called on all the people of the Algerian nation to be vigilant and then to be vigilant against the drivers of strife who are trying these days to revive the pain of the Algerians during the dark decade, by stirring up our pain after we reconciled, continuing, “And I mean here in particular the attempt of the recent Swiss judiciary to open this file in this matter.” “The circumstance is intended to blackmail and harass.”

The spokesman added, “As much as we talk at length and are sensitive to issues of sovereignty, we are also keen on issues of development, because sovereignty and development are the great foundations of Algeria’s new renaissance.”

The first official in charge of the National Construction Movement stressed, “It is the responsibility of the government and its agencies, which we call on to intensify the search for all tools to restore balance and take the necessary measures that are reflected in reality, and not to be satisfied with mere speeches and promises that the citizen finds no effect in his daily life and in his reality, and then to The economy is not built by increasing taxes, successive audits, and sometimes outside the law,” he said.

Bin Qurayna added that the national economy, as the true engine of development that creates wealth, increases job opportunities and reduces unemployment, is facing a historic opportunity to rebuild it on sound foundations according to a clear strategic vision to ensure food, water and energy security, and to restore balance to the elements of the national economy and its real indicators away from the rentier nature. Which has affected it for decades, and we have not been able to achieve any independence from the hydrocarbons sector, with the necessity of openness to foreign investment and the attractive business climate through economic diplomacy, starting from the laws to the investment-incubating and reassuring environment for the investor.

Ben Qurinah also appreciated the opening of an Algerian bank in the sister country of Mauritania, calling for the modernization of the banking system, the facilitation of regulatory and commercial procedures, and the establishment of the accompanying logistical base, as well as in Senegal.

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