A major revolution that contributed to raising the value of the Algerian university


A tribute to the quiet college entrance that characterized the previous three college seasons

The National Council of Higher Education Professors praised the calm university entry that characterized the previous three Algerian university seasons since the election of the President of the Republic, and this is due to its keenness, through its directed decisions and through the Council of Ministers, to ensure calm and successful university entry.

In a statement on Friday, the National Council of Higher Education Professors congratulated the entire university family, professors, employees, and students, on the occasion of university entry scheduled for Saturday.

The National Council of Higher Education Professors praises the qualitative leap that the higher education sector has witnessed since the President of the Republic took charge. Its positive results were evident in the initiation of many reforms at the sector level, which brought about a major revolution that contributed to raising the value of the Algerian university, bringing it to the level of On par with its Arab and regional counterparts.

The same statement explained that, through the digitization of the higher education and scientific research sector, issuing strict instructions for the direct employment of master’s and doctorate holders, and his keenness to review the basic law for the research professor, adopting the English language in scientific research and teaching in it at the Algerian university, opening up more to the economic sector, and restoring the glories of university sports. From launching team sports tournaments between universities and university districts.

In light of the Corona pandemic, the Algerian University, like other universities in the world, has faced many difficulties and challenges. It has become necessary for university institutions to search for alternative educational methods and methods to traditional in-person education. Digitization has also been widely used in university libraries, as the trend towards digital management of the university has become inevitable, whether in terms of education or administration. The President of the Republic also called for it.

The Council itself announced steps towards an in-depth study of the transition towards the classical system. And the increase in wages that affected the sector, which occurred during the beginning of the current year.

The National Council of Higher Education Professors called on the president to support university professors with advantages that enable them to achieve digitization well, calling on the ministry to expedite the presentation of the draft basic law for public discussion like other sectors, with our readiness as a union to negotiate seriously for a fruitful project that lives up to the ambitions of the professors and the aspirations of the President of the Republic. We congratulate the English steps, and we demand With a formative outward movement of its own, in a truly fast-paced environment.

The National Council of Higher Education Professors also called and alerted the Ministry to respect the decisions of justice and judicial rulings, especially to submit to the executive version of the final judicial ruling deciding the union dispute in the sweeper. Any meeting or signing with illegal parties rejected by justice is considered invalid meetings and meetings.

The same council warned professors against using social security numbers in suspicious union activities that are inconsistent with judicial rulings, and the guardian ministry must take into account the judicial rulings and abide by them after officially notifying them, and not deal with any person who does not have the capacity. Accordingly, the National Council of Higher Education Professors disavows and does not recognize Any activity or signature on behalf of the Sweeper Union by any party.

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