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In their interview with Al-Hiwar, economic experts and specialists in the tourism and travel sector believe that marine tourism, as a profitable industry, plays an effective role in reviving the local economy and contributes to improving the standard of living of the population by providing direct and indirect employment. These experts believe that it is necessary Opening the door to investment in marine tourism due to its promising economic importance and the exploitation of the coastal strip for sustainable development, which extends about two thousand square kilometers. Algeria can compete with tourist countries across the world such as Turkey, Europe and the Arab world due to Algeria’s strategic location, which qualifies it to be an excellent marine tourist destination.

Blue tourism requires a diverse human resource

For his part, the economic expert, Professor Zuber Daghman, in his interview with Al-Hiwar, believes that Algeria has environmental, geographical and tourism importance for marine tourism, which charts an important future economic role in promoting the new concept of marine tourism, as these targets will support the comprehensive strategies for blue tourism, and the same speaker confirms that It must focus on protecting domestic tourism life while promoting eco-tourism, as it works to provide job opportunities, and the approved targets for natural reserves contribute to supporting Algeria’s new efforts in sustainability and environmental preservation by contributing to the goals of the White Algeria Initiative.

Economist Dr. Zoubir Daghman expects that the economic development of the tourism sector will appear by giving utmost importance to blue tourism, as it will act as a strong attraction for tourism in general that targets this type of national coastal parks, and working with this type of tourism requires a wide diversity of resources. Humanity, it is expected that these tourist targets will contribute, according to him, to providing many direct and indirect job opportunities for local communities in the coastal areas, especially since they have responsibilities that must be monitored in order to protect life in the coastal areas and not tamper with them, as they are an integral part of this nation. Rights and have a role, all within clear strategic frameworks drawn up by the future vision in the field of marine tourism while applying the concept of governance efficiently.

Blue space plays an important role in reviving the economy

This, and the natural reserves in Algeria, adds Dr. Digman Daghman, include the wondrous caves in Jijel and the Bird Lake in the state of El Tarf, and other distinctive destinations for eco-tourism. Professor Daghman Daghman confirms that it will establish a very important position with its picturesque beaches as a leading tourist destination in North Africa, as it is currently targeting blue tourism. Attracting more than 15 million visitors annually, in various coastal and mountainous coastal areas for the year 2023, and in order to achieve the strategic goals expected by the government in the field of marine tourism, it is necessary to adapt to the various possibilities available in this field, such as organizing trips and tourist tours along the Algerian coasts, This is done in partnership with the private sector by making their services available to everyone at reasonable prices, especially opening internal sea lines between the state of Oran and its surroundings and the eastern coastal borders, including Jijel, Kala, Annaba, Skikda and Bejaia, given that the coastal strip includes a decoration of golden beaches. Others are rocky, magnificent for the viewer and a kiss that tourists of all walks of life enjoy during the summer season, which makes blue tourism an important tourism product that has an effective role in reviving the local economy and contributing to improving the standard of living of the population.

All tools must be provided to grow blue tourism

In the same context, economic expert Professor Zubair Dagman explained that our current situation today is the most clear example of a routine life filled with increasingly exhausting work, and this is what makes the search for days of relaxation more than just an escape from the routine, but rather a luxury, especially in coastal and eastern places. Or Western, if the sea lines are available in the best conditions, starting with identifying the beaches and the ability to open them for movement via ships and small private vessels, especially if they are prepared and prepared to receive vacationers in the best conditions and create everything related to the services related to them in a way that achieves the preservation of its environmental components. And natural and enhancing ways to develop it, stressing that it is time to advance the marine tourism industry in Algeria with its unique sites and charming nature to become a new tourism icon in North Africa and the Arab world as a whole, since this particular topic, the speaker himself adds, is one of the topics that requires human resources with highly specialized training.

The door to investment in the field of marine tourism must be opened

For his part, the Secretary-General of the National Association for Tourism, Travel and Handicrafts, Rafih Bin Zaid, explained to Al-Hiwar that his association calls for the necessity of improving tourism in Algeria, and that it is important to pay attention to it and exploit the various tourist destinations, especially the marine ones, noting that the Algerian coastal coast It extends over a length of approximately 1,622.48 km, indicating that exploiting the blue destination and preparing and fully equipping it will add added value to the national economy, and work to encourage domestic tourism and attract foreign tourists to spend their vacation on our sprawling coasts, and make it a financial tributary that flows into the public treasury channel, especially since Algeria currently Enjoying security and safety compared to other countries, it is necessary for it to become a tourist country par excellence. Algeria has a coastal strip of approximately two thousand kilometers that passes through 14 coastal states from Tlemcen in the west to Al-Tarf in the east. The coastal states are Tlemcen, Ain Temouchent, Oran, and Mostaganem.

Chlef, Tipaza. Algeria. Boumerdes, Tizi Ouzou. Bejaia, Jijel, Skikda, Annaba, and Al-Tarf, with an average of approximately 60 km of its coastal strip. However, these long-distance coastlines, according to each state, have a small number of ports for transporting goods and the least for travelers. Given the extreme importance of promoting tourism in Algeria, it has become necessary, he said, to open the door to investment in the tourism field and in all fields.

Very important marine projects must be established

In the same context, the Secretary-General of the National Association for Tourism, Travel and Handicrafts, Rafi bin Zaid, stressed that marine tourism across the world is given great importance because of its great benefits in beautifying the country’s destination and making it an important financial tributary that contributes to the development of its economies, and throughout the year its ships roam its waters. However, in Algeria, coastal tourism is only seasonal, so it has become necessary, the same speaker adds, to exploit the coast and invest in projects to attract tourists, such as equipping ships with restaurants, establishing floating restaurants, and establishing marine projects, such as transportation via cruise ships across the coast of our country from El Tarif to Tlemcen. Passing through all the coastal states, and implementing seawater treatment clinics because the demand for these health services is increasing across the country, and building coastal tourist villages in which accommodation is affordable, and encouraging private individuals to invest in all projects that bring tourists, whether from within the country or abroad, especially since Algeria today It enjoys security and stability thanks to its honorable people, and I note here that the same speaker says, as Secretary-General of the National Association for Tourism and Travel, I call on all media outlets of all kinds to introduce the components of tourism in Algeria with all its cultural, historical and religious types, so that they work to improve the image of Algeria at home and abroad. .

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