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The opening session of the regular session of the Shura Council was held on Friday at the national headquarters of the National Construction Movement, with the participation of political and parliamentary figures and members of the party.

In a speech he delivered during his supervision of the opening of the work of this session, the head of the National Construction Movement, Abdelkader Ben Qurayna, explained: “The current challenges surrounding us require us to be aware of the magnitude of the threats and risks to prevent them, while being aware of the magnitude of the opportunities and benefits to seize them.”

From this standpoint, Bin Qurayna added: “The National Cohesion Initiative was an initiative of the nation for the sake of the nation, and it calls on all national forces to postpone differences and rise above narrow calculations, because the goal is to protect national stability in all its dimensions,” including (political stability, institutional stability, and stability. Economic stability, security stability, societal stability…)

In the same context, Ben Qurainah appreciated “all the steps that were achieved after the authentic, blessed movement on the path to restoring sovereignty and placing Algeria’s feet on the ladder of development. These are many achievements despite the obstacles it faces from within and from without.”

However, the head of the National Construction Movement added: “We once again put the dots on the letters because courtesies do not build countries, and emotions do not protect nations.”

The head of the movement also praised the efforts of the People’s National Army, a descendant of the National Liberation Army, along with various security services, in “protecting Algeria and preserving its national security.”

By the way, Bin Qurayna reiterated the continued expansion of the National Cohesion Initiative, saying: “For all of this, we are still continuing to expand the initiative, and we are still continuing to spread its spirit and deepen its presence among our people of all categories, in implementation of the recommendations of the “National Cohesion Symposium,” which emphasized the Activating permanent dialogue on its grounds between the various components of the arena.”

He also called on “all the people of our Algerian nation to be vigilant and then to be vigilant against the drivers of strife who are trying these days to revive the pain of the Algerians during the dark decade by stirring up our pain after we reconciled, and I mean here in particular the attempt of the recent Swiss judiciary to open this file in this circumstance for the purpose of blackmail and harassment.” “.

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