In pictures: The National People’s Assembly is present at the opening of the Algiers-Addis Ababa air route – Al-Hiwar Algeria


Kamal Laouissat, Chairman of the Transport, Communications and Telecommunications Committee, Dr. Lamali Bahja, Chairperson of the Transport, Industry and Infrastructure Committee of the African Parliament, and Youssef Rahmania, Member of the Arab Parliament, participated yesterday, Friday, in the opening ceremony of a direct flight line between Algeria and the capital of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa, under the supervision of the Minister Transportation: Youssef Sharfa, in the presence of His Excellency the Ethiopian Ambassador to Algeria, Nebiat Getachew Asged.

It should be noted that the new line operates two flights per week between Algiers and Addis Ababa, bringing the number of flights to African destinations to 23 flights per week.

Addis Ababa is considered the second major African city linked by a direct airline with Algeria, after Johannesburg, South Africa, which opened its line on August 21 last year.

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