In pictures.. Awarding the President of the Republic Prize for Amazigh Literature and Language in Ghardaïa – Al-Hiwar Algeria


Yesterday evening, Thursday, in Ghardaïa, the President of the Republic Award for Literature and the Amazigh Language, in its third edition, was awarded to Nadia Okab during a ceremony that also witnessed the awarding of prizes for intangible cultural heritage, Amazigh language sciences and technology.

This award was awarded in the framework of the official celebrations of the revival of the Amazigh year, January 2973, during a ceremony organized at the University of Ghardaia, in the presence of the President of the National People’s Assembly, Ibrahim Bougali, and the Minister of Culture and Arts, Suraya Mulouji, and the advisors to the President of the Republic, and the Secretary General of the province The Semites of the Berbers, Si El Hashemi Asad, and state authorities and local elected officials.

As for the intangible cultural heritage award, it was awarded to Ali Boulenouar, while the first prize in Amazigh language sciences was returned to Yassine Yahyaoui, and Samir Ait Belkacem won the technology award.

This award, which was established in the year 2020, aims to encourage research and creativity in order to produce the best in the Amazigh language and culture, and to value scientific, research and literary achievements in the various different linguistic forms used in Algeria.

The program of official celebrations was also marked by the revival of the Amazigh year, which took place this year under the slogan “January brings us together in one and united Algeria”, by organizing many activities.

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