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The Minister of Trade and Export Promotion, Tayeb Zitouni, revealed the national stock intended for consumption during the holy month of Ramadan, as the stock of potatoes amounted to 60 thousand tons, and the amount of onions amounted to 11 thousand tons, while the quantity of garlic amounted to 3,500 tons, warning wholesalers and their counterparts in retail to comply with the law. Speculating against them if they do not adhere to the instructions of the President of the Republic and the Prime Minister regarding the necessity of imposing reasonable prices on widely consumed goods during and after Ramadan.

We will address all imbalances… and there will be no imbalances in distribution

Minister Zitouni stressed in his speech, yesterday, when he opened the work of the meeting dedicated to the managers of fruit and vegetable markets and consumer protection associations at the House of Algiers in the Maritime Pines Exhibition Palace, that the success of the public authorities in addressing market imbalances and eliminating the fluctuations in the distribution of food and agricultural supplies in various parts of the country depends on the cooperation of all those involved. From various sectors and public and private bodies, including consumer protection associations, calling on wholesalers who possess significant stock in widely consumed agricultural areas, the necessity of displaying it in the markets before the speculation law is applied to them, and that the state, as Zitouni said, will not allow the repetition of what happened to some people. Agricultural products that witnessed an amazing increase during the month of Ramadan, in reference to the onion and potato division.

54 Damla market for vegetables and fruits across the country

Speaking about wholesale markets for vegetables and fruits, Minister Zitouni said that our country counts a wide network of wholesale markets for vegetables and fruits, spread across the national level, numbering 54 markets, of which 41 are managed by local communities and 9 markets belonging to the public company for the implementation and management of wholesale markets for vegetables and fruits ( Magros), 3 private dealers in Tizi Ouzou, Batna, Sidi Bel Abbes, and an agricultural cooperative market in the state of Saida, hoping that the wholesale markets department of the private sector will expand to include the entire national country, so as to ensure, as he said, abundant production and a break in the price scale.

No holiday for wholesale markets for vegetables and fruits

In order to ensure the good functioning of the major commercial areas of fruit and vegetable markets spread throughout the country in the coming month of Ramadan, and in order to strengthen these measures taken by the public authorities and under the direct supervision of the governors, Minister Zitouni called on all market managers to do what is necessary and must be taken, as it was decided to cancel the weekly market holidays. During the month of Ramadan, taking into account the necessity of ensuring that the blessed Eid lasts for 3 days, as well as monitoring the flow of vegetables and fruits on a daily basis, facilitating the marketing of farmers’ products, as well as ensuring that prices are announced and monitored daily, and working to maintain cleanliness within these commercial spaces, and taking care of their surroundings. External, regular and daily removal of waste to avoid its accumulation in the markets, as well as allowing consumer protection associations to organize awareness-raising and awareness-raising activities within these markets.

All necessary measures have been taken to control the market during Ramadan

This, and in implementation of the instructions of the President of the Republic and the government’s work program, the Minister of Commerce, Tayeb Zitouni, says that preparations for the holy month have been directly coordinated by the two sectors in order to set a joint program between government sectors to take the necessary measures and measures at all levels, especially from the aspects of solidarity, security, public health and hygiene. The surroundings, as well as the supply aspect, to ensure that this month passes in the best conditions and in an atmosphere of mercy and tranquility, and with the aim of supplying the market with materials of widespread consumption in the holy month of Ramadan, the following measures were taken in direct coordination between the trade and agricultural sectors, according to which it was decided to create stocks of agricultural products within the framework of a system Controlling agricultural products of widespread consumption, including “consumer potato products, dry onions, and dry garlic,” according to national needs, and preparing special programs for unloading during the production gap period, which this year coincides with the month of Ramadan.

The farmer must be accompanied by concluding agreements with wholesale markets

In the same context, Minister Zitouni recommended the importance of accompanying the farmer, valuing his efforts and urging him to continue the activity and preserve the products he produces through the officials of the wholesale markets for vegetables and fruits concluding and concluding agreements with him so that his labors do not go to waste, as it is an important link in the circle of the national economy, as it is The minister adds that it is unreasonable for the middleman to buy one kilogram of potatoes from the farmer at a price of 15 dinars, compared to 90 dinars in the retail markets. This is a sign that Tayeb Zitouni listed in the red box and portends a dire disaster in the agricultural sector, which is the point that must be paid attention to, according to him, in order to make the farmer active on his land. Comfortably

It was approved to follow up and monitor the unloading of agricultural stocks

On the other hand, Minister Zitouni adds, a system has been approved to follow up and monitor the unloading of stocks of agricultural products held by private dealers outside the control system, with the aim of framing the processes of their gradual unloading according to the market situation and combating all forms of speculation and monopoly, especially at the level of unauthorized warehouses and cold rooms. How many 6 points of sale have been allocated for marketing vegetables? Affiliated with the Agricultural Products Valuation Complex (GAVAPRO). In addition to allocating 114 points of sale to market vegetables and meat of both types. Affiliated to the Food and Logistics Industries Complex. (AGROLOG), and the same speaker concluded by urging all wholesale market managers to be keen to engage in the state’s strategy aimed at ensuring regular supply at prices accessible to the Algerian citizen, so that it will be a month of goodness and mercy for everyone, God willing.

The Minister has mercy on the merchants and craftsmen who went on strike on January 28, 57

It was also the occasion to show mercy to the merchants and craftsmen who were assassinated by the destroyer France, who proved their genuine affiliation to the national movement and their rallying around the glorious Algerian revolution in the face of all the methods of hateful French colonialism, as this meeting coincided with the commemoration of the sixty-seventh anniversary of the historic strike of Algerian merchants, craftsmen, and workers (January 28, 2004). February 1957.

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