What is happening in Palestine is a genocidal war


Nasira Sayed Ali

Jurists, economists, educators, and psychologists denounced the genocidal war launched by the Zionist occupation forces on the occupied Palestinian territories. These specialists in various cognitive formations said in their interview with Al-Hiwar that the war declared by the Zionist entity on Gaza and the occupied Palestinian territories has exceeded all international norms. All internationally banned weapons were used in it, and the unfortunate thing for them is that this is happening in front of the world, deploring the position of the major powers and international organizations who cover their clothes over those hideous pictures of the scattered body parts of the Palestinian human being.

All the peoples of the world agree that what is happening to Palestine is a war of genocide

In this context, the human rights activist, Professor Abdel Hafeez Kurtel, said in his interview with “Al-Hiwar” that the Zionist aggression against Gaza and occupied Palestine is not a new behavior by the occupying entity, which continues its aggression against innocent people. He added that if it is a war, then war has morals above all else and international conventions, and that There were organizations, parties, or any other party that could be attacked militarily, so innocent people must be avoided, including children, the elderly, the sick, and hospitals. However, what is happening now in Gaza and the Palestinian territories occupied by the Zionist entity is that the world is watching that the attacks are aimed at genocide against the Palestinian people, and that it has realized The Israeli occupier says that every time a Palestinian is killed, hundreds of Palestinians emerge from another generation, stressing that the Zionists want to annihilate the Palestinian people to ensure the best and safest for their future generations, and the same speaker expects that they will not enjoy security in the world now, and I mean that peoples across the world are united and agree on what is happening in the occupied Palestinian territories. It is nothing but aggression and wars against humanity and genocide of the Palestinian person.

The major countries support the occupying Zionist entity

In the same context, the lawyer, Professor Abdel Hafeez Kurtl, expressed his regret at the position of the great powers regarding what is happening in the occupied territories in terms of violations of the sanctities of the Palestinian people, their harm, and the deprivation of their right to life. These are countries, Professor Kurtel adds, that sponsor the Security Council, and they are the same countries that support this occupying entity. , which is supposed to protect the defenseless Palestinians, as statistics indicate, according to him, that most of the innocent deaths are children and women, stressing that the international powers support the Zionist entity and that this support does not stop at the diplomatic level, as they also support it militarily.

Officials of the occupying entity must be prosecuted and a complaint against them must be registered

In order to find effective solutions to protect the Palestinian people who are suffering under the fire of the Zionist occupation, the human rights lawyer, Mr. Abdel Hafeez Kurtel, proposed forming a body of Arab lawyers to file in international courts, and in order to file a complaint against Israeli officials on charges of crimes against humanity who participate in these attacks within the framework of their powers. The International Criminal Court will follow up on anyone proven by facts to be a war criminal and involved in committing crimes against humanity, calling on all Arab lawyers to form a working team supported by all videos, documented by numbers, photos, testimonies, evidence, and videos, and by everything broadcast by news bulletins, and by all incoming reports. By international organizations and bodies that confirm that there are acts amounting to crimes against humanity committed against the residents of Gaza and the occupied Palestinian territories by the Zionist entity and its officials, whose names must be mentioned and a complaint against them must be registered with the International Criminal Court.

Economic companies that support the Zionists must be boycotted

In the same context, Professor Abdel Hafeez Kurtel believes that weapons and military capabilities are not available to the Arab countries as a result of American support for the Zionists, and therefore, in light of this, it is possible to resort, as the same speaker said, to other alternatives, especially economic alternatives, knowing that the Arab economies are weak and cannot Confronting the economies of the major countries, but the Arab market remains in his perspective as a consuming market that should be a means of pressure on every country involved in ensuring the continuation of the Zionist entity in its arrogance. Professor Kurtel went further than that when he said that all economic companies that support Israel must be boycotted, and this is enough for us to hear. We vote for those who support this occupying entity.

Arab disappointment exhausted the Gazans and the occupied territories

In the same context, the economic expert, Dr. Suleiman Nasser, in his interview with Al-Hiwar, denounced the position of the Arab countries that are normalized with the occupying entity and that were not motivated by their Arab pride and affiliation with the Islamic world to take a position in these bloody events in which the residents of Gaza and the occupied Palestinian territories are living. Dr. Suleiman Nasser said: “What tears the heart, scratches the conscience, and exhausts the soul is to see a country like Colombia, which has nothing in common with Palestine except humanity, expel the Zionist entity’s ambassador from its country, while we find the Arabs normalized in silence and stagnation, with the flag of the occupying Zionists still flying in their skies. He said that the Palestinian cause was abandoned by the Arabs before the West.

The Zionist aggression robbed the children of Palestine of their innocence

In this context, psychology expert Dr. Ahmed Qurayya explained in his interview with Al-Hiwar that the aggression against the Palestinian people at this time by the occupying Zionist entity has negative repercussions on the psyche of the Palestinian people. The state of terror, fear, and panic in which they live The shadow of these Palestinians will leave severe shocks and bruises on their psychological systems, and the most complex group are the children who are exposed daily, and throughout the period of this hideous aggression, to wars, the same speaker adds, that robbed them of their childhood and complicated their consciences, and the series of Zionist aggression inflicted devastation on the children of Gaza and the occupied Palestinian territories and violated their innocence. From this platform, I call on the international organizations charged with protecting children, and UNESCO, which sings the praises of the Universal Declaration of the Rights of the Child and its celebration in June of every year, to speed up the provision of real support to these children who are living in real and realistic terror, and that the celebration should not be with false slogans that do not add weight or benefit. The child is hungry, and I do not miss the fact that the frightening impact of these wars committed against the Palestinian people, whose terrifying echoes extend to all the Palestinian people and all their groups.

What is happening in Palestine is genocide and must be confronted

For his part, the lawyer and human rights activist, Professor Hassan Touati, in his interview with Al-Hiwar, denounced the Zionist aggression against Gaza and the occupied Palestinian territories, explaining that these racist attacks, in which the Zionist enemy used all internationally banned weapons, took place under the umbrella of the major powers that protect an unjust world order, and that This war demonstrated the weakness of the international legal system, and showed the danger of the global conscience, which according to it is based on a secular background and ethnic cleansing under any name. Professor Tawati said that the Palestinian issue has exposed the global order or the global conscience, exposing its nakedness and revealing its inadequacy, and that it must be reconsidered again. The evidence for this is that when the war broke out between Russia and Ukraine, all the world powers cheered and supported Ukraine, and that this war is against human rights and is human genocide, and when it came to the pampered entity, they stood with it against Islamic expansion and demanded self-defense, calling for the demand to restore perspective in the legal system.

There must be international protection for the Palestinians

From a legal standpoint, what is happening in Palestine now is a war crime and a proven violation of one and a number of provisions of the Geneva Conventions specifying the laws and customs of war. The first three Geneva Conventions protect combatants and prisoners of war, while the fourth convention, which was adopted after World War II, protects civilians in war zones. Professor Lahcen Touati believes that the International Court is unable to find solutions to issues that affect the international community as a whole, especially the nation. Islamic issues, including the Palestinian issue, Libya, and Syria, and therefore a third pole must be established and the internal laws of the peoples restored, and the Arab peoples must find a global alternative and create an equal world, calling for the necessity of following up on all the heads of the Knesset and their leaders, the European Union, and all countries aligned with the conscience of the weak world, which It is considered a body without a soul and without a conscience, and an end to all the false international slogans dropped by Palestine

At a time when the Western countries supporting the Zionist entity deny the legitimacy of international law regarding the Palestinian resistance, Professor Tawati says, this law exposes them and exposes them to their double standards and hypocrisy, when they ignore it again by turning a deaf ear to the war crimes committed by the Zionists, while international covenants and UN resolutions guarantee the right of the Palestinian people to Resistance, in various ways, including armed resistance. These agreements put the West in an embarrassing position, as they pride themselves as protectors of the laws, while denying the Palestinians their legitimate rights and turning a blind eye to the war crimes committed by Israel.

The war of extermination against Palestine is a conspiracy

For his part, the economic expert, Dr. Mukhtar Allali, in his speech to Al-Hiwar, deplored the crimes committed by the Zionist occupation against the occupied Palestinian people. Dr. Allali said that these crimes exceeded all international norms and laws, and therefore it was necessary for the international community to intervene, whether through Security Council resolutions. By holding an emergency meeting, as well as the United Nations, and the Arab League must also establish an argument against the international community that praises humanity and human rights. The fact that the world remains on the battlefield, watching its terrible events, clearly proves that this war of annihilation is a conspiracy, as the occupying enemy has reached the point of attacking hospitals with missiles. And the internationally banned white phosphorus bombs, and the Arab and Islamic community must provide support to the resistance and provide support to the Palestinians in these dark circumstances, indicating that cutting off water and electricity to the Palestinians are crimes against humanity, and the Arab and Islamic countries must boycott Israeli products and everyone who supports the Zionist occupation. He called for transforming all social media platforms into platforms supporting the Palestinian cause, stressing that crimes against Gaza are contrary to human logic and cannot be accepted by human reason and thought.

Arab countries must take action to support Palestine

On a similar level, the former parliamentarian and educational activist, Professor Masoud Amrawi, told Al-Hiwar what was happening to the Palestinian brothers at the hands of the Zionist enemy, describing the aggression as a heinous crime, and that it is unforgivable. What made the matter even more surprising, according to him, is that this is happening in front of the international community, which has committed itself to Silence, and sees with one eye, and that he intervenes in international issues whenever he wants to, and who claims civilization and human rights and annually rants about children’s rights, and Professor Amrawi said that this war launched against the Palestinians can only be described as dirty, and that victory over a defenseless people is not considered a victory. , How not? It is a war that targeted everything in the Palestinian existence, and even the students were not spared from these crimes. We, as educators, denounce these heinous war practices that led to them completely displacing the population from their legitimate land, until it was given to strangers without right, calling on all Arab and Islamic countries that remained silent to take action. And to intervene to support their brothers in Palestine, because the tide of Zionist oppression does not depend on Palestine, but rather on all Arab lands on its agenda to seize them in the future.

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