Waste management and eliminating random dumps are the most important issues


Environment Minister Fazia Dahlab holds a meeting with parliamentary representatives on the issue of waste management and the elimination of random dumps

The Minister of Environment, Fazia Dahlab, held a meeting with some members of Parliament, during which she touched on the issue of waste management and the elimination of random dumps in order to preserve the environment.

A statement by the Ministry of the Environment, on Friday, stated that within the framework of the periodic meetings held by Minister Fazia Dahlab with the people’s elected representatives of the various national and local councils, the Minister supervised the reception of two deputies from the Algerian National Assembly and three heads of municipal popular councils from the state of Bejaia.

These meetings come in order to learn about the most important concerns of the citizens of the state, which are concerned with environmental affairs, and which were conveyed by the elected officials. According to the same source, the meeting discussed several topics, the most important of which is the issue of waste management and the elimination of random dumps and black spots in the state, as well as working with civil society to establish a culture of waste appreciation, which will develop the circular economy in the state.

The protection of the natural resources that abound in the coastal tourist state par excellence was also discussed, in order to ensure their sustainability and promotion. The representatives expressed their gratitude for the reception they received, stressing in turn their readiness to contribute to preserving the environment as it is everyone’s responsibility.

The Minister of Environment and Renewable Energy has confirmed that her ministerial department is preparing to develop “incentive methods” to attract those wishing to invest in waste recycling, noting at the same time the need for greater integration of technical landfill centers into the circular economy.

The Minister explained that these incentive methods are being developed in coordination with local groups as well as some other relevant ministerial departments, adding that the Ministry is also working on preparing the necessary legal frameworks for this and amending some texts, most notably the Waste Management Law.

The Minister herself highlighted that the introduction of these incentives falls within the framework of the Ministry’s strategy, which is moving towards relying on the circular economy and modernizing waste management by opening the way for young people, owners of emerging enterprises, and everyone who wishes to invest in the field of waste recycling.

The Minister of Environment and Renewable Energy called for the necessity of working to attract the largest possible number of those wishing to invest in recycling by creating a local market for materials recovered from the process of treating this waste.

The Minister stated that technical waste landfill centers must be more integrated into the “cyclical economy” policy that the Ministry seeks to spread throughout the country, noting that it is unreasonable to bury recoverable materials and waste capable of creating enormous wealth and important sources for the national economy. .

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