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The international striker in the ranks of the German national team, Niklas Volkrug. A fan’s arm was broken in the stadium stands, after he shot him during the warm-up.

This happened during the opening of Euro 2024, and during the match that brought together… The elected The German and its Scottish counterpart. Which ended for the Germans with a score of 5-1, at the Allianz Arena.

The newspaper “Bild” published German A report titled “Volkrug’s shot sends a fan to the hospital!” The report included a picture of a German national team fan whose arm was broken.

The newspaper added: “German fan Kai Flathmann (43 years old) was unable to watch the German national team match against Scotland. A stray shot from Niklas Volkrug broke his arm.”
The newspaper explained that the 31-year-old striker, during the warm-up, fired a powerful shot that fell into the stands and unfortunately hit the left arm of the fan, Flatman.

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