Two brands have obtained approval to import cars, and these are the models that will be marketed – Al-Hawar Algeria


Greatwall and Dongfeng have received final approval to import new cars. Dongfang will market in Algeria both Aeolus Shine GS and Aeolus Shine Max cars. Aeolus AX7, Aeolus Huge.

– Forthing T5L

– Forthing SX5

– Rich 6 (Pick-up simple / double cabin / 4×2 / 4×4)

As for the Great Wall brand, the cars that it will market in Algeria have not yet been revealed.

The Chinese brand Dongfeng previously presented the technical sheet and photos of the new Dongfeng Captain W minivan.

The brand indicated that the Dongfeng Captain W truck will be available as of January 2024, in two versions, at a price starting from 1,900,000 DZD, including tax.

The minivan also has one cab, single rear wheels and double rear wheels.

Compared to the competition, the Captain W stands out with a more powerful engine (1.3 liters 87 hp vs. 1 liter 58 hp).

GVWR is greater at 2490kg versus 1865kg for the Single Cab. And 2990 kg compared to 1865 kg for the double cabin.

Greater payload (1,400 kg vs. 900 kg for single cabin and 1,290 kg vs. 900 kg for double cabin).

Greater useful loading length (2700mm vs. 2300mm for single cab and 2500mm vs. 2100mm).

The Algerian market will also soon see the entry of 9 cars of the Chinese brand DONGFENG through the official distributor of the brand AAC.

According to Al-Nahar Online sources that reported the news, these cars are currently being marketed in Europe, specifically in the Netherlands and Belgium.

The same source also indicated that the marketing of the cars will begin at the end of January or the beginning of next February at the latest.

The Chinese brand DONGFENG has been approved by the Ministry of Industry, while it is awaiting an import license from the Ministry of Commerce.

Our source reported that the Chinese brand DONGFENG will market 8 models from two different series. Which will enter Algeria via sea next December.

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