Truce: The Sonelgaz Complex has achieved an advanced rate in the embodiment of the development program of the President of the Republic – Al-Hiwar Al-Jazairia


Khalil Hudna, the official spokesman for the Sonelgaz complex, revealed that the complex has achieved an advanced rate in the embodiment of the development program of the President of the Republic, whether it is the connection to energy for isolated areas, agricultural investments, industrial areas and citizens.

A truce said on the regional waves of Radio Setif that despite the Covid pandemic, Sonelgaz was able to embody large energy investment projects that guarantee energy security, as the coverage rate reached more than 65% with gas and 99% with electricity, a new process to combat the phenomenon of gas risks from internal explosions and monoxide carbon; Sonelgaz launches the process of monitoring the internal composition of gas inside homes.
He added that the field trips of the President, General Manager of Sonelgaz, through all provinces, to find out the extent to which the development program of the President of the Republic is embodied in linking several development energy projects. The public service has proven its efficiency in the field, and the historical peak in electricity consumption recorded in the last summer did not affect the nature of distribution and did not cause any interruptions in electricity.
Hadna said: We can say that Sonelgaz has ensured energy sufficiency in Algeria and now aspires to enter the foreign market with all merit. We export electricity and professional expertise, as well as equipment that comes with turbines. Sonelgaz’s approach to the energy transition is part of the strategy of the Algerian state. Sonelgaz succeeded last month in organizing an international forum on the subject, as it presides over three Euro-Mediterranean, African and Maghreb associations representing 20 countries that brought them together in one agreement. Soumaya B “Algeria Protocol”.
He concluded by saying: Sonelgaz seeks to reduce the expenditure bill, guarantee workers’ earnings, complete development projects for the Algerian state, and develop internal skills to ensure distinguished service to the citizen and strong access to the foreign market.

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