Traffic accidents claimed the lives of 13 people and injured 424 others during the last 48 hours – Algerian Dialogue


13 people were killed and 424 others were injured in traffic accidents recorded across several states of the country during the last 48 hours, according to a statement by the Civil Protection Services today, Saturday.
The source explained that the heaviest toll recorded in the state of Al-Baidh was the death of two (2) people and the injury of 3 others, as a result of a collision between two cars on National Road No. 53 in the municipality of Al-Barma.
In another context, the Beach Guard and Recreation Service made 83 interventions during the same period, allowing 19 people to be saved from drowning, as well as providing first aid to 61 people and transferring 2 people to the health center, while the death of one (1) 41-year-old man was recorded. Drowned in Tahr El-Dab Beach (forbidden for swimming) in Jijel.
In addition, the Civil Protection Department for Combating Forest and Agricultural Fires intervened to extinguish 31 vegetation fires (forests, jungles, forests, grasses, hay belts, and fruit trees) in several states of the country. Civil protection units also extinguished 4 different urban fires in the states of Algeria, Timimoun, Setif, and Batna. These fires in the state of Setif caused the death of two (2) children, ages 1 and 5 years, and the injury of 2 women with second- and third-degree burns, ages 24 and 27. One year, as a result of a fire that broke out in an apartment in the municipality of Setif.
As for the state of Algiers, the same authorities were able to extinguish a fire that broke out in a two-story shrine at the level of the Bab Azoun neighborhood in the Kasbah municipality, so that rapid intervention enabled the rescue of 5 people who were trapped inside the shrine.

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