Towards training journalists specialized in the field of gas


The Minister of Communication, Mohamed Laqab, stressed, on Tuesday, at the M’hamed Bougherra University in Boumerdes, the importance of forming a press specialized in gas, given the international status of this vital energy and its importance to the economy and the country as a whole.

The minister said, in a speech he delivered at the opening of a training course for journalists, in preparation for coverage of the seventh summit of heads of state and government of the Gas Exporting Countries Forum scheduled in Algeria from February 29 to next March 2, that given the importance of gas to the national economy, our country needs specialized journalism in this vital field. .

The Minister explained that organizing this training course aims to “provide the journalist with the cognitive tools and mechanisms that enable him to deal with the variables of the gas market, at the global level in particular, and to enable him to know and analyze the concepts in this field and thus influence decision makers in the field.”

Laqab also considered this training course as “a starting point for consolidating sufficient gains and knowledge in order to deal well and effectively with sensitive and crucial issues” in the gas and petroleum sector.

The Minister of Communication stated that the new media law “gives journalists the right to training,” adding that the seventh summit of heads of state and government of the Gas Exporting Countries Forum scheduled in Algeria is a favorable opportunity to organize this specialized training course for journalists “to facilitate the performance of their duty.”

The training course, organized by the Ministry of Communication in cooperation with the University of Boumerdes, will continue for three consecutive days at the central library of M’hamed Bougara University, with the participation of approximately 300 journalists from the public and private sectors, and under the supervision of experts and specialists in the field of energy.

The course program includes an introduction to the Gas Exporting Countries Forum and its relationship with other organizations, and Algeria’s pioneering role in the forum and on the global energy scene and as a prominent gas producer currently and promising in the future.

The training course also includes various topics, such as the status of oil and gas in the Algerian economy, international competition over oil and gas and its impact on international relations, and indicators of the importance of natural gas from the geo-economic and political standpoints, as well as energy security and its role in shaping international relations.

According to the organizers, the organization of this event aims to provide a critical and analytical reading of the global challenges in the field of natural gas, how to prepare reports and write articles related to the subject with complete independence and professionalism, and present approaches on the challenges, prospects and effects of natural gas on the global scene.

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