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The National Council for Scientific Research and Technologies organized a national meeting entitled “Towards a New Research Model,” which aims to lay the foundations for preparing a comprehensive national strategy for research and innovation that responds to economic and social priorities.
The head of the National Council for Scientific Research and Technologies, Mohamed Al-Taher Abadalia, said that this national meeting, entitled “Towards a New Research Model,” is characterized by “unique and special importance.”
Today, Saturday, at the Abdul Latif Rahal International Conference Center, Muhammad Al-Taher Abadalia confirmed that this meeting “allows the Council to report and share the results of more than a year of efforts and analytical studies in order to bring about a qualitative shift in scientific research and innovation.”
After pointing out the importance of the role of scientific research in the social and economic development of industrialized countries by improving the quality of life of citizens, he stressed that “Algeria, which has enormous natural resources and wealth, is capable of implementing an appropriate and effective policy and strategy with the support of scientific research and innovation to achieve significant technological progress as well as improving Its economic growth.”
The same official added that building a national economic system that creates wealth requires “research capable of producing innovative solutions that generate economic and social progress, by clarifying the goals and mechanisms that must be established for scientific research with a strong societal impact by working on its governance and management, mobilizing researchers, and allocating funding and employment.” Proper infrastructure and technological platforms, and respecting deadlines for presenting results and achievements.”
In the same context, Abadalia considered that the desire of public authorities to place scientific research as a national priority requires “investing in a new vision based on developmental research and innovation, which requires great efforts to promote it, in addition to employing national skills from inside and outside the country and economic actors from the public and private sectors, and positioning “In an open global context based on international scientific cooperation.”
Abadalia considered that this new vision requires “determining the role and tasks of research, its goals and priorities, and inevitably managing it within the framework of a new ecosystem based on innovation, which would push our economy towards greater flexibility, competitiveness, and achieving social progress.”
To achieve this endeavour, the President of the Council highlighted “the need for political, industrial and academic actors to contribute to preparing a comprehensive, coherent and consensual strategy that responds to national priorities,” recalling in this regard the main mission of the Council, which is “to set the necessary directives for a national research policy in consultation with the scientific community and partners in the sector.” Social and economic, and valuing research results for the benefit of the national economy.”
This national meeting, which witnessed the presence of ministers and senior officials in the country, as well as representatives of several sectors and constitutional bodies, organized lectures to discuss the challenges facing the national research system, national sector programs, and the importance of innovation and governance in implementing research policies.
It addresses the issue of contracting and improving the existing research system and the importance of working to develop new approaches for an effective system that relies more on applied research directed towards innovation and making research products marketable as an essential factor for reviving an economy based on knowledge.

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