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During the period from 22 to 28 November 2023, units and detachments of the People’s National Army carried out numerous operations that yielded qualitative results that reflect the extent of the high professionalism, constant vigilance and readiness of our armed forces throughout the national territory:

A terrorist surrenders himself in Badji Mokhtar tower

Thanks to the qualitative efforts of the People’s National Army forces, the terrorist called “Akadi Al-Siddiq” surrendered himself to the military authorities in Bordj Badji Mokhtar in the 6th Military Region, which led to the seizure of (01) Kalashnikov-type machine gun and (01) 14.5 mm machine gun barrel with its accessories and ( 132) 60 mm mortar shells and detonators and (04) RPG2 rockets, in addition to (3002) bullets of various calibers, (07) ammunition stores, and (01) field binoculars.

In the same context, detachments of the National People’s Army (09) arrested members of support for terrorist groups during separate operations across the national territory.

14 quintals of Moroccan processed kif were seized

Joint detachments of the People’s National Army, in coordination with various security services during operations across the military regions, arrested (55) drug dealers and thwarted attempts to bring (14) quintals and (11) kilograms of processed kif across the border with Morocco, while (125,884) tablets were seized. Hallucinogen.

Detachments of the People’s National Army in Tamanrasset, Bordj Badji Mokhtar and Djanet arrested (191) people and seized (22) vehicles, (130) electric generators, (70) hammers, (16) metal detectors, and (17) quintals of ore. Gold and stones, in addition to quantities of explosives, blasting equipment and equipment used in illegal gold prospecting operations.

– (40) people were arrested and (25) hunting rifles, (56,040) liters of fuel, (19) tons of foodstuffs destined for smuggling and speculation, and (75) quintals of tobacco were seized, during separate operations across the national territory.

– Arrest of (109) illegal immigrants of different nationalities across the national territory.

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