To ensure successful school entry, the Interior Ministry sets the latest measures


The Ministry of Interior sets the latest measures and preparations to ensure successful school entry

The Ministry of the Interior, Local Governments and Urban Planning confirmed that, with the aim of ensuring successful and safe school entry, the latest measures and preparations for school entry 2023-2024 have been set, especially organizational and logistical matters.

The Ministry explained, through a statement, that in implementation of the instructions of the President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, to take all measures to ensure the success of school entry, it has been keen since the beginning of the first semester of this year, and in a coordinated framework with many sectors, to control all organizational and logistical matters with the aim of ensuring entry. A successful and safe school, whether related to strengthening the necessary educational structures or improving school services in general, as it allowed the receipt of many educational structures, provided that other structures are received before the end of the current year, which will contribute to alleviating the pressure recorded at the level of some educational institutions. .

The same interests added, with regard to the continuous rehabilitation of educational institutions, especially in the primary stage, the maintenance, repair and cleaning of school structures and associated equipment have been completed, in addition to giving all care to the school services part of school feeding and heating.

The Ministry also indicated that, last week, a national campaign was organized to clean educational institutions for the three educational levels under the slogan “Study entry in a clean environment,” which included the external and internal surroundings of educational institutions, where local authorities across the nation’s states harnessed all necessary material and human means. To ensure the success of this process.

The concerned departments also worked on completing the procedures for disbursing the school grant to the beneficiaries before entering school. As for school transportation, about 18,555 buses were commissioned by the municipalities, including 11,383 buses from the municipality and 7,172 buses rented within the framework of agreements with private transport operators for the purpose of transporting the pupils.

The Ministry reported that meetings of the expanded security committees were held at the local level in order to evaluate and control the latest measures and preparations for school entry 2023-2024, in addition to the local authorities conducting field trips at the level of educational institutions to determine the extent of their readiness to receive students studying there and provide them with all appropriate conditions to ensure Make them comfortable.

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