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The French Ministries of Interior and Justice announced the latest official outcome of the violence in the country since the killing of the boy “Nael” by a policeman a week ago, and the losses were initially estimated at 100 million euros.

Violent protests continued that erupted in several cities in France against the background of a policeman killing a boy of Algerian origin during a traffic inspection operation for a whole week, during which burning, looting and vandalism were recorded. The widespread arrests among the protesters did not succeed in curbing them. The latest outcome of the French authorities indicates a registration 3486 arrests have been made since June 27, while the security authorities have stopped the police and gendarmerie 1244 minors were submitted 374 people to justice immediately.

As for the size of material losses, it was significant, as burning was recorded 5,000 cars, 10,000 waste container fires, and 1,000 buildings burned or vandalized, a record 250 attacks on police and gendarmerie stations. and cheInitial estimates of insurance companies indicated that the volume of losses amounted to more than 100 million euros ($109 million), a number that is expected to increase, while Interior Minister Gerald Dermanan announced yesterday, Monday, that the volume of losses recorded during the violent demonstrations amounted to 55 million euros, of which 20 million euros in Public property in Paris, while losses in private property amounted to about 35 million euros.

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