This is what Attaf said at the opening of the meeting of foreign ministers of African-North European countries – Algerian dialogue


Today, Tuesday, Minister of Foreign Affairs Ahmed Attaf supervised the opening of the meeting of foreign ministers of African-Northern European countries in its 20th session.

Attaf said: I highly value the convening of the twentieth session of this cooperation and consultation mechanism, which has proven over the years its effectiveness and effectiveness in serving the cooperative relations between our countries. Our world today is in great need of such mechanisms, as it is vulnerable to divisions, clashes, and conflicts.

We are indeed in dire need of this mechanism, which is based on the values ​​of dialogue, the exchange of opinions, and the interaction of ideas, those values ​​that the President of the Republic, Mr. Abdelmadjid Tebboune, has always advocated for, in order to promote, promote, and employ them as exemplary tools that establish solidarity, cooperation, and interdependence in facing the current challenges, whether local or local, Or regional, or international.

The secret of this distinguished relationship that brings together our African countries and the countries of Northern Europe lies in our common and firm commitment to the values, principles and ideals upon which and for which the United Nations was founded, most important of which is the pursuit of promoting friendly relations between nations in light of sovereign equality, mutual respect and shared trust, and upholding international law. In interaction and exchange between countries, consecrating the right of peoples to self-determination, and contributing to resolving crises and conflicts by peaceful means.

From this perspective, I would like to take this opportunity to mention and praise the honorable historical positions of the Northern European countries that defended the right of oppressed African peoples to self-determination and that stood in solidarity with the liberation movements in Africa to get rid of the yoke of colonialism, racial discrimination, and foreign occupation of the lands of others.

3 facts about Palestine that should not be ignored

By mentioning the foreign occupation, one brings to mind, although it is never forgotten, the tragic situation that our brothers are experiencing in the occupied Palestinian territories, especially in the besieged and bombed Gaza Strip in full view of everyone, without the slightest regard for the most basic humanitarian rules, international norms and laws. Algeria, which renews its full solidarity with the Palestinian brothers, calls on the international community to provide an urgent response to the help of the oppressed, the oppressed, and the persecuted, to put an end to this aggression, and to work to revive the peace process to enable the Palestinian people to establish their independent state on the 1967 borders, with Al-Quds Al-Sharif as its capital.

It also calls on my country to avoid denying the overwhelming facts before the international community:
The first irrefutable fact: that Palestine is occupied.
The second irrefutable fact: that Palestine has legitimate rights that cannot be lost or go in vain.
– The third irrefutable fact: that in Palestine there is a people demanding their legitimate national rights in accordance with what international legitimacy has approved in their favor in a clear and consistent manner that does not accept interpretation, does not accept evasion, and does not accept denial.

Algeria renews its support for the Palestinian cause

In the same context, Algeria affirms its support for the brotherly Sahrawi people as they adhere to their inalienable and imprescriptible right to self-determination, ending the occupation of their lands, and completely liquidating colonialism in our continent, our continent whose coast suffers from the remnants of poverty, insecurity and instability as a result of the unconstitutional changes, the size of which does not diminish the will of my country. In contributing to overcoming it in ways that serve the interest of the region in particular, and the interest of the continent in general.

Your Excellencies and Excellencies,

Our meeting today reflects our common aspirations towards building bridges of cooperation and solidarity in the face of the escalating challenges and widespread threats that our world is witnessing at the current stage, amid a worrying state of sharp division, increasing tension, and worsening polarization.

Today we are facing an international and regional scene that is bleak in the fullest sense of the word, a scene whose major features and headlines are evident in the accumulation of armed conflicts, in the complexity of the global climate crisis, in the proliferation of terrorist threats that cross borders and nations, in the widening of the development gap between poor countries and rich countries, and in the exacerbation of epidemics and natural disasters. .

This scene, despite its difficulty, complexity, and danger, cannot in any way deprive us of hope for a better tomorrow, nor should it in any way deter us from working for a more rewarding future that guarantees security, stability, development, and prosperity for all without preference, discrimination, or exclusion.

To this end, our conviction remains firm that there is no substitute for international cooperation and for working within multilateral frameworks and mechanisms to formulate comprehensive and participatory solutions guided first and foremost by the principle of unity of destiny, the unity of the fate of humanity in the face of the challenges and threats facing it.

To the same extent, our conviction remains firm that there is no escape from reforming the international system, to end the marginalization of developing countries, especially African countries, in international decision-making, in a way that ensures the establishment and establishment of economically and politically balanced international relations, relations with which all humanity is satisfied, reassured, and comfortable.

The African continent is still suffering

The African continent has suffered greatly, and is still suffering, from the scourges of conflicts and security, political, economic and environmental disturbances, and today it is trying with all determination and determination to make its voice heard and make its way towards stability, integration and integration, by focusing its efforts on the duality of security and development.

In this context, and despite the multi-dimensional challenges facing its path that weigh heavily on all aspects of life, our continent continues its efforts and endeavors to reveal the features of its true face, far from the stereotypical image that is intended to be marketed and attached to it.

Through the activation of the most important pioneering projects of Agenda 2063, especially the Continental Free Trade Area, it can be said with confidence that our continent has begun to reveal its true face, the face of Africa of renewed hopes, the face of Africa of sure opportunities, and the face of Africa of a promising future.

Although our continent continues to mobilize its energies and mobilize the arms of its people to crystallize and embody solutions of its invention, manufacture, and implementation, it also seeks to establish balanced partnerships, partnerships that safeguard its interests, partnerships that preserve its priorities, and partnerships that respect its strategic choices and goals.

Determine the priorities of cooperation between our African countries and Northern European countries
Therefore, we expect a lot from this distinguished relationship, especially with regard to cooperation in order to activate the close interconnected relationship between development and security, to ensure a sustainable response to the security challenges facing the countries of the continent, and to win the stakes of economic development, social reassurance, and achieving the ambitious vision that… It is included in the continental agenda.

There is no doubt that this session of ours, and the important topics it carries, will allow defining priorities for cooperation between our African countries and the countries of Northern Europe, especially with regard to promoting the goals of peace and security, enhancing capabilities to encourage economic development, as well as intensifying political coordination in the international forum to which we share affiliation and mutual commitment. By working to revive its main role as a beacon that illuminates the path of humanity in these difficult circumstances.

More than all of this, I believe that the issue of education and youth in Africa, which receives great attention on our agenda, is of special and exceptional importance dictated, on the one hand, by the status of youth on our continent, which represents more than 60% of Africa’s population, and on the other hand, by the importance of Education and training to enable our youth to innovate, be creative, and carry out the role assigned to them as a force and a locomotive for the growth and progress of the African continent.

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