This is the start date for registration for middle school and baccalaureate candidates


The Ministry of Education announces the registration period for the intermediate education and baccalaureate certificate exams for the 2024 session

The Ministry of National Education announced, on Monday, in a statement, that the registration period for the Intermediate Education Certificate and Baccalaureate Certificate exams for the 2024 session will begin on Tuesday, November 21, 2023, and extend until Thursday, December 21, 2023.

The statement said: “The Ministry of National Education informs all students studying in public and private educational institutions and their parents, including students from the National Secondary School of Arts, which this year will be known as the first batch of candidates for the baccalaureate in the Arts Division, as well as free candidates, that the registration period for the intermediate education certificate exams is The baccalaureate degree for the 2024 session will begin on Tuesday, November 21, 2023, at eight o’clock (08:00) in the morning and will extend until Thursday, December 21, 2023, at midnight (00:00).

The same source added, “Within the framework of generalizing the digital all policy (zero paper), it was decided, starting from this session, to abandon depositing the paper file for registration in these two exams, and to suffice with filling out the electronic registration form available in the information system of the Ministry and through the websites of the National Office for Examinations and Competitions. It will also be approved.” Exclusively electronic payment technology for paying registration rights, and this is a continuation of embodying the national strategy for digital transformation, especially with regard to the immateriality of registration procedures for school exams, in order to facilitate the process and add accuracy to it and remove the burden of transporting candidates, especially independent ones, to education directorates or to educational institutions, to carry out the registration process. This is done as follows:

For educated candidates:

The process takes place in educational institutions via the digital platform of the information system of the Ministry of National Education, where directors of educational institutions are responsible for registering the students concerned for these two exams.

For independent candidates:

The registration process is completed by filling out the electronic form available on the following two websites of the National Office for Examinations and Competitions:

– For the intermediate education certificate exam:

– For the baccalaureate exam:

The Ministry also warned – according to the statement – to create “personal accounts for each candidate that will be used to pay registration rights, review data, withdraw summonses, and view the results as follows:

For educated candidatesThe information system creates a special account (username, password) for each student. The guardian can obtain information about this account through the guardians’ space or through the administration of the educational institution.

The self-employed candidate is responsible for creating his own account on the Diwan’s two websites, depending on the situation (username, password).

The Ministry added that registration rights “begin from this session through the electronic payment service only, using the Algeria Post “gold” cash card and using the candidate’s account mentioned above (username, password) by accessing the following sites:

For educated candidates: Via the link,

For independent candidates: Via the National Bureau of Examinations and Competitions’ websites: or, as the case may be.”

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