This is the program of President Tebboune’s visit to the state of Tindouf


President of the Republic Abdelmadjid Tebboune begins a working and inspection visit to the state of Tindouf (HM)

On Thursday, the President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, embarked on a working and inspection visit to the state of Tindouf, during which he will supervise the inauguration and inspection of a number of development and vital projects.

Upon his arrival at Tindouf “Major Farraj” Airport, President Tebboune, who was accompanied by the Chief of Staff of the People’s National Army, Lieutenant General Saeed Chengriha, listened to the national anthem and reviewed formations from the various forces of the People’s National Army who gave him an honorable salute.

The President of the Republic was received by local and security authorities and representatives of notables from the region.

In the first stop of this visit, the President of the Republic laid the foundation stone for the primary processing plant project for iron ore extracted from the Ghar Aghbilat mine, which is the largest mining investment in Algeria since independence, with reserves amounting to about 3.5 billion tons of iron.

President Tebboune said on this occasion: “This is a historic day and we have entered into the real project and we hope that the pace of work will be rapid in the iron mine in Ghar Aghbilat,” explaining that transferring the raw material to Bashar will create job positions.

The President of the Republic added: “We will discuss with the army the establishment of a special institution to transport workers by helicopter to speed up the pace of work.”

He continued, “We hope that there will be exploitation of solar energy and the provision of water to the residents neighboring the area,” stressing that this mine will be a partner with the Al-Ouenza mine.

The president pointed out that the iron and steel industry and its extracts will open new horizons for Algeria.

He said, “We had a deficit in 2016. We were importing iron, and now we export from Oran and Jijel,” adding, “The needs of the market in Africa and Europe must be met, and the Oran factory exports to the United States.”

This structural project will go through several stages extending from 2022 to 2040, during which the first stage will extract 2 to 3 million tons per year of iron ore and transport it overland, while the second stage will begin after the completion of the railway line, where the mine will be exploited with a large capacity that will allow the extraction 40 to 50 million tons annually.

This giant project will also provide, as a first phase, about 3,000 jobs and create other related craft professions.

The second leg of this visit is to lay the foundation stone for the new Bashar-Tindouf-Ghar Aghbilat railway project, which is a huge strategic project and infrastructure for the evaluation and exploitation of one of the largest iron ore mines in the world.

This project extends over a distance of 950 km from the railway infrastructure, which will form the main transport link towards the mining plants and from there towards the industrial areas and ports covered by the national railway network.

By the way, President Tebboune will meet with representatives of civil society and notables of this state, which is distinguished by its strategic and vital dimension.

@Source: Algerian News Agency + News

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