This is the number of tourists who visited the Algerian Sahara


Tourism Minister Mokhtar Didouche announced that half a million tourists would flock to the Algerian desert between October 2022 and April 2023 (HM)

The Minister of Tourism and Handicrafts, Mokhtar Didouche, announced that half a million tourists flocked to the Algerian desert between October 2022 and April 2023, noting that international events such as the Mediterranean Games in Oran and the Arab Games contributed to conveying a very positive image of our country, calling on investors to pay attention. In the tourism sector, especially since the ministry will support all initiatives that contribute to the development of the tourism industry.

In an interview with “Tourism I Voyage” magazine, Didouche confirmed, on Tuesday, the market’s increased interest in the desert tourism offer, as about 491,852 tourists were counted between October 2022 and April 2023 at the level of various accommodation structures in the southern states, with a significant increase compared to the previous season.

The same spokesman indicated that this rise in desert tourism is not the result of chance, but rather is explained by the country’s stability and security, and the full confidence that our country enjoys on the part of markets that were hesitant in the past, with the improvement of Algeria’s image thanks to its remarkable and prominent return to International arena.

The minister added that the large contribution of national and international influential personalities contributed to enhancing the capabilities of Algeria’s destination, as well as the measures taken by the public authorities to increase the ability of Algeria’s destination to better compete, including the simplification of visa procedures, highlighting the concerted efforts in the south and the Algerian national airline to give A new push for desert tourism.

Regarding the arrival visa for foreigners, the first official in charge of the tourism sector said that the measures taken by the public authorities to establish a correction visa (upon arrival) were received with great satisfaction from the operators, whether national or international, because this issue was an obstacle to attracting the destination of Algeria, continuing: “ Currently, we will move from the experimental stage to the confirmatory stage by easing the observed restrictions and introducing new facilities constructively, as for the electronic visa, it will necessarily take place when the technical conditions are guaranteed.

Didouche pointed out that international events such as the Mediterranean Games in Oran and the Arab Games contributed to conveying a very positive image of our country, the image of a modern, stable country open to the rest of the world, and promoted tourism and rich culture in Algeria, warning that in the future, they will work in cooperation with travel agencies and specialized institutions. And the agencies involved in creating and organizing sporting, cultural and environmental events that contribute to promoting the destination of Algeria and attracting more tourists.

The Minister of Tourism noted that his sector works with all travel and tourism agencies within the framework of the applicable legislation, which imposes very strict conditions in terms of professionalism and integrity to obtain the agreement, noting that a large number of agencies work within the framework of local tourism.

In the same context, he added, the ministry is helping as many of these agencies as possible to acquire the necessary professionalism to perform their tasks, including increasing the number of tourists to Algeria, without forgetting that the desired goal is also to promote activity to create wealth and not the other way around.

On handicrafts, the minister affirmed that his sector is working to put the craftsman at the heart of his interests, and is also working to develop training plans to continuously improve skills in the areas of creativity, innovation, management and entrepreneurship, while modernizing the organization and management of structures and institutions responsible for handicrafts, and adapting handicraft products to international quality standards. By relying on certificates and trademarks.

The minister highlighted that digital technology represents a top priority for the tourism sector and traditional industry, as the sector will not develop in a modern and effective manner without a serious initiative in this field, continuing by saying: “Currently, all files related to investment and licenses for travel and tourism agencies are processed through specialized digital platforms, and we will not stop.” Here, we will continue to work on improving the quality of services and the possibilities of marketing and communication through the Internet. This will allow to increase awareness of the destination of Algeria and provide improved and accessible services to international and local visitors, without forgetting handicrafts and traditional industry.

Regarding the specialized press, he said that it is not just an indispensable partner, but rather an important part in promoting Algeria’s destination, in addition to its role in providing information. He also believes that the specialized press is a window to Algeria’s destination and a necessary education tool for workers in the sector.

The Minister of Tourism and Handicrafts called on investors to pay attention to the tourism sector, which offers great opportunities for business, continuing: “As for us, we and our ministerial department will always remain ready to listen to the needs of the concerned authorities and will provide our support for all initiatives that contribute to the development of our tourism industry.”

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