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It is expected that the results of the baccalaureate exams for the June 2024 session will be announced next July 20, while the baccalaureate certificate papers will begin to be corrected starting next June 29.

According to the same sources, professors have been contacted to begin correcting baccalaureate papers for the June 2024 session, starting on Saturday, June 29, 2024.

While the Minister of National Education, Abdelhakim Belabed, revealed that the announcement of the results of the baccalaureate certificate will be next July 20.

The Minister of Education pointed out during a press conference on the sidelines of giving the signal for the start of the baccalaureate exam in the state of Ouargla. Until the announcement of the baccalaureate results will be on July 20, or a day or two before this date. Depending on the period for correcting papers.

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