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Civil Protection Units recorded 2,701 interventions, including 1,580 health evacuations and 463 different operations, across several states of the country during the period from June 19 to 20, 2024.

As for traffic accidents, units Civil Protection carried out 196 interventions as a result of incidents recorded across several states. These incidents resulted in the death of 07 people and the injury of 224 others with various and varying serious injuries. The heaviest toll recorded at the level of the state of Algeria: with the death of (02) two people and the injury of (02) other people. Following 02 traffic accidents, M’Sila Province: Two (02) people died and (02) others were injured as a result of 02 traffic accidents. The victims were taken care of at the scene of the accidents and transferred to local hospitals by Civil Protection.

Besides this, I intervened Interests Civil Protection for 03 cases of death by drowning, including 2 cases at the seashore and one case at the level of a water dam in each of Ain Temouchent Governorate: The matter concerns the recovery of 01 young man aged 18 years who died from drowning on the beach called La Pointe, a rocky area forbidden from swimming, Municipality of Targa, El Maleh District, Boumerdes Province: The matter concerns the recovery of 1 30-year-old child who died by drowning on the beach called El Kef, forbidden for swimming. Zemmouri Municipality, Bordj Menael District, Jijel Province: The matter concerns the recovery of 1 13-year-old child who drowned in the so-called water dam. Baumgris, municipality and district of Jijel, the bodies of the victims were transferred to mortuary centers for local hospitals by civil protection.

Also, during the same period in several states of the country, the firefighting apparatus for forests, bushes, agricultural crops and palms extinguished 35 fires, including: 02 forest fires, 02 bush fires, 15 agricultural crop fires, 06 fruit tree fires, and 08 hay belt fires. And 02 palm fires,

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