These are President Tebboune’s instructions at the Cabinet meeting


President of the Republic Abdelmadjid Tebboune chairs a Cabinet meeting

On Tuesday, the President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, chaired a meeting of the Council of Ministers, which discussed two draft laws, the first related to expenditure and the second to reconcile the budget for the year 2021, and presentations included digital transformation in Algeria and the status of used water filtration plants.

The Presidency of the Republic said in a statement: “On Tuesday, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, President of the Republic, Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces and Minister of National Defense, chaired a Council of Ministers meeting, which dealt with two draft laws, the first related to expenditure and the second to reconciliation of the budget for the year 2021, and presentations included digital transformation in Algeria, and the status of used water filtration stations.” .

After the President of the Republic welcomed the new Prime Minister, Mr. Nadhir Al-Arbawi, and wished him success in his duties, and then the latter presented the government’s activity in the recent period, the President issued the following orders, instructions and directives, stressing:

The government must adopt the utmost speed in implementing the decisions of the Council of Ministers, which were not implemented or whose implementation was delayed, as there is nothing more severe for our citizens than failure to implement the state’s obligations.

Urging members of the government to avoid exaggerated promises that are far from commitments to the Algerian people.

– Keeping support for the vulnerable and middle classes in the government’s eyes, by preserving purchasing power, and making housing programs in all their forms a priority, to preserve the dignity of citizens and facilitate their lives.

– Mr. President directed us to be vigilant and cautious against wasting public money and consuming additional budgets not allocated to specific programs, while there is something awaiting implementation in these programs.

– The need to intensify consultation among members of the government regarding decisions affecting the state’s major financial balances.

– Dedicate greater value to work, while preserving small professions and crafts as creators of wealth and jobs.

– Raising the pace of implementation of the remaining programs and commitments, especially in the sectors of national education, the knowledge economy, emerging institutions and micro-enterprises.

Subsequently, the Council of Ministers agreed to:

– The deal to complete the Tindouf-Béchar railway line, with the immediate start of the works by the National Agency for Studies and follow-up on the completion of investments in the railways “ANSREV” and the Chinese companies “COSIDAR” and CRCC. Mr. President also stressed the reduction of the project deadlines, with the completion of what The remaining railway projects, to further strengthen and enhance our national economy.

Regarding the deal to complete the potable water supply project in Bashar State:

The Council of Ministers approved the deal to complete the project to supply drinking water to the cities of Bashar, Al-Abadla, and Al-Qanadisa.

Regarding a presentation on the status of used water filtration plants:

– Mr. President ordered increasing the capacity to filter and recover used water, setting a goal of utilizing 60 percent of the quantity produced.

The President ordered the Minister of Irrigation to prepare a presentation of the final status of those stations within a maximum period of three months, as it is a vital requirement.

Regarding the 2021 budget settlement draft law:

Following the approval of the draft law, Mr. President praised achieving positive numbers and maintaining major financial balances, despite the Corona pandemic crisis, which shook the largest economies in the world.

The President of the Republic ordered to continue preserving Algeria’s major trends by strengthening its ability to avoid external debt.

Regarding a presentation on digital transformation in Algeria:

The President of the Republic appreciated the clarity of the vision regarding Algeria’s digital orientation, within the presentation of the High Minister of Digitalisation.

The Council of Ministers approved a project to establish a base for storing and protecting electronic data (Data Center), by the Chinese company Huawei.

Mr. President reminded that the primary goal of the huge digitization project is to eliminate bureaucracy, which hinders projects, adopt transparency in the management of public affairs, and accurately determine the country’s needs in all sectors.

A draft law was also approved that includes special measures for obtaining alimony, after which the Council of Ministers concluded its meeting by approving decrees that include appointments and termination of tasks in senior positions in the state.

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