These are President Tebboune’s decisions at the Cabinet meeting


President of the Republic Abdelmadjid Tebboune chairs a meeting of the Council of Ministers

On Sunday, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, President of the Republic, Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces and Minister of National Defense, chaired a Council of Ministers meeting, devoted to discussing the draft finance law for the year 2024, and presentations related to the sectors of the interior, higher education, agriculture, post, transportation, and public works, according to a statement by the Presidency of the Republic.

The statement added, “After the opening of the Council of Ministers meeting by Mr. President, and granting the floor to Mr. Prime Minister to present the outcome of the government’s activity in the last two weeks, Mr. President of the Republic gave the following directives and orders:

Regarding the draft Finance Law 2024:

The President of the Republic ordered the allocation of a special Council of Ministers to study and discuss the draft Finance Law 2024 with the necessary precision, provided that the draft includes all the decisions that were taken in the Council of Ministers meetings, whether in the social or economic aspect, as well as preserving the country’s sovereignty by not resorting to debt.

The President stressed the priority of implementing projects with a strategic dimension to stimulate the country’s economy, taking into account the fluctuations that the world is witnessing in these circumstances.

The draft law must preserve the purchasing power of citizens, in light of the rise in prices known in international markets, as a result of the expanding circle of instability in the world.

Regarding the creation of mandated states in the south and the high plateaus:

President Tebboune ordered the necessity of following up on the project to create new mandated states in the south and the high plateaus under the direct supervision of the Minister of the Interior, in coordination with the rest of the concerned sectors, provided that new states are created in the north of the country at a later stage.

The President stressed that the creation of new mandates aims to generalize local development, create economic spaces and reduce the burden on the citizen.

The state’s potential and capabilities in creating new mandates must be taken into account.

Regarding training and scientific research in the field of green hydrogen:

The President of the Republic appreciated the Algerian University’s approach to developing specializations in the field of training and scientific research on green hydrogen.

Preparing a comprehensive strategy that keeps pace with the scientific and technical developments taking place in the world, also in cooperation with countries with leading experience in this vital field.

– Strengthening our country’s capabilities in the field of solar energy, especially since it has been a pioneer in this field for decades.

The President directed the government to highlight the state’s efforts in preserving the ecosystem and protecting the ocean, and to continue intensifying work to achieve high results in this field.

Regarding a presentation on improving Internet connectivity:

Mr. President directed the government to continue working to achieve greater quality and quality in streaming and connectivity to the Internet, to raise the level of services in vital sectors, such as higher education, education, finance, banking, and other economic fields.

He stressed the importance of providing maximum protection for the Internet connection network, taking into account the issue of cybersecurity, and seriously thinking from now on about exploiting satellite technology to provide Internet service. He charged the Minister of the Sector with preparing a comprehensive plan for this process.

Regarding a presentation on the rehabilitation, expansion and lengthening of the Green Dam:

Mr. President stressed the importance of rehabilitating and developing this resource by involving emerging institutions, and opening the way for the employment of youth from the states of the Green Dam range in afforestation operations.

– Seeking to diversify forest wealth and plant productive tree species that can be exploited and consumed.

The necessity of involving scientific expertise and scientific research competencies in the rehabilitation and development of the Green Dam, as it is a successful experience for Algeria in protecting agricultural lands from the phenomenon of desertification and the encroachment of sand towards the north.

The President ordered the Minister of Agriculture to involve youth energies in various agricultural fields, because of their creative ideas in developing agriculture, especially with the availability of natural capabilities and all the qualifications that allow for the modernization of the agricultural sector and achieving self-sufficiency.

Regarding the organization of model farms:

The President of the Republic assigned the Minister of Agriculture to prepare a new vision for organizing model farms in terms of the legal and professional framework, define their specializations and desired goals, and involve scientific research in the stages of their restructuring.

The benefit regarding the presentation of the Minister of Works and Basic Establishments

The Council of Ministers agreed to complete the construction of two ports linking the states of Mascara and Tizi Ouzou to the east-west highway.

The Council of Ministers concluded its meeting by approving decrees that include appointments and termination of assignments in senior positions in the state.

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