These are instructions to Oqab regarding the programming network for the month of Ramadan


The Minister of Communications, Mohamed Laqab, met on Saturday evening with the directors of national television channels to study the Ramadan network for the 2024 season, in the presence of the head of the Audiovisual Regulatory Authority, Mohamed Loubar.

At the beginning of the meeting, the Minister of Communications confirmed that this meeting falls within the framework of a series of meetings related to the Ramadan network, and it is the meeting that comes as a result of recording observations and complaints from viewers, media professionals, specialists and some representatives over the past years, which must be addressed and taken care of this year.

In this regard, Oqab issued instructions to all television channel officials on the necessity of respecting the privacy of the holy month and presenting programs that live up to the aspirations of the Algerian viewer, especially avoiding all forms of violence, including verbal violence, through all types of television programs, recalling that the law regulating the media specifies clear conditions in its articles in Media engagement with the programmes, especially Article 4 thereof.

The Minister also insisted on the necessity of respecting the articles of the new audiovisual law that has become effective today, especially Articles 25 and 32 thereof, in order to avoid any media practices that are inconsistent with professional ethics, noting that all television channel officials were involved in preparing the book of conditions for television channels, and therefore they must be adhered to. And respect all its provisions.

The same official urged the directors of television channels to be careful to review all programs that will be broadcast during the month of Ramadan and to involve specialists, including political analysts, economists, clerics, and athletes, in the panels and segments that are broadcast, to avoid any violation that may be recorded, which requires the control authority and the guardian ministry to take measures. Necessary legal.

Oqab directed the need to highlight and allocate significant space to the states of the South, whether by producing programs about the region, including customs, traditions, and reportages about the region, as well as portraits about personalities from the South, or by acquiring programs produced by the people of the region.

For their part, the officials of these television channels appreciated this meeting, expressing their commitment to implementing what was stipulated in the new laws, while expressing at the same time a number of concerns regarding the development of audiovisual activity in Algeria, especially the lack of advertising.

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