The works of Mufdi Zakaria are the focus of a literary forum in Ghardaia – Al-Hiwar Algeria


The literary works of the poet of the revolution, Mufdi Zakaria, formed the focus of a literary forum organized in Ghardaia under the slogan “Mufdi Zakaria, Poet of the Glory of the Revolution.”
In this literary meeting, which was organized on Saturday evening, a group of poets and writers discussed the contributions of the late writer Belkacem bin Abdullah, who is considered one of the writers. Those who were interested in writing about the life of Mufdi Zakaria through his publications that shed light on the literary, poetic and intellectual works of the poet of the revolution and his most important works of struggle.
In this context, the poet Mabkhouti Noureddine from the state of Tlemcen presented a summary of the book written by Belkacem bin Abdullah entitled “Mufdi Zakaria… Poet of the Glory of the Revolution,” in which he discussed his literary contributions by reviewing his autobiography, his revolutionary poetic poems, and his intellectual works, in addition to the press interviews that he conducted. It was performed by Belkacem bin Abdullah with the late Mufdi Zakaria.
The same interventionist reviewed the life of the late writer who worked in the field of written journalism. He had various meetings and journalistic and literary works with the poet of the revolution, in addition to his personal, human relationship with him, which qualified him to delve into the field of revolutionary and literary writing with complete transparency about the life of the owner of the sacred flame.
In his speech, the director of the House of Culture in Tlemcen, Adel bin Abdullah, confirmed. He is the son of the late writer and stressed the need to pay attention to figures of revolutionary literature and poetry, based on the principle of recognizing the efforts and contributions of symbols of thought and culture and reviving their intellectual contributions through cultural and literary forums and meetings.
For reference, this literary forum was organized with the contribution of the Directorate of Culture and Arts of the State of Ghardaia, in coordination with the Main Public Library, the first issue of which was launched last October, and will continue until June 2024.

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