The United Nations praises Algeria’s will to promote human rights – Algerian Dialogue


On Tuesday in Algiers, the United Nations Special Rapporteur on freedom of peaceful assembly and association, Clément Nyalitsossi Fall, praised the will of the Algerian authorities to further promote human rights by drawing on international expertise for this purpose.
Faul pointed out during a press conference, “As part of a visit to Algeria, at the invitation of the Algerian government, which aims to evaluate the implementation of the right to peaceful assembly, I thank the Algerian authorities for this initiative, which reflects their desire to seek help from international expertise, in order to improve the reality of human rights.”

The UN rapporteur also expressed his satisfaction at the fact that “the Algerian government has committed to inviting other rapporteurs to come to Algeria for the purpose of expertise,” seeking during this initiative “openness” to the construction of a new Algeria that dedicates freedoms and human rights.”
The UN official indicated that he “felt the willingness” of the Algerian authorities to “listen to him” and appreciate his “initial observations,” which will allow him to prepare a final report in 2024 in this field, a period during which he will continue “the discussion with the government on the various points raised during his visit, which will continue.” It lasted 10 days” in Algeria, where he met with members of the government, officials from constitutional bodies, representatives of civil society, and others.
He added: “I received full cooperation from the government, obtained information, and chatted with various officials about my concerns in the field of rights to peaceful assembly.”

Mr. Faul stressed that his stay in Algeria also falls “within the framework of the existing reforms aimed at conforming the legislation in force in Algeria with the 2020 Constitution and the aspirations of the movement, which had a remarkable civil sense, setting an example to the whole world regarding the peaceful conduct of demonstrations,” praising “the balanced and professional response.” On the largest scale of the National Police during the movement.”

The UN official believes that Algeria has a “progressive” constitution that allowed for achievements within the framework of completing the national edifice that led to the creation of the National Youth Council and the establishment of the National Observatory for Civil Society, calling for taking into account “the principles for which these bodies were established,” which are “It will build a sustainable and inclusive participatory democracy.”

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