The public media should be the first to abide by the laws


On Saturday, the Minister of Communication, Mohamed Laqab, supervised the launch of the national symposium for directors of national channels and regional stations of Algerian radio, explaining that the public media should be the first to abide by the laws.

The meeting took place at the Ministry’s headquarters in the presence of the Advisor to the President of the Republic in charge of communication, Kamal Sidi Said, the Head of the Audiovisual Control Authority, Mohamed Lebar, the General Director of National Radio, Mohamed Baghali, the directors of the regional stations, and the Ministry’s executives.

By the way, Laqab confirmed that this meeting “brings together the guardian ministry with the directors of local radio stations so that the discourse is direct and frank in both directions.” This meeting comes, as he said, “after a series of meetings held by the ministry with directors of public and private media institutions, which touched on many issues.” Among the issues related to the national media, including the Ramadan network, sports media, and others.”

He added that this meeting comes after the issuance of new legal texts for the media sector, which “must be implemented,” highlighting that the public media should be “the first to adhere to them.” This meeting also falls – the minister adds – “on the eve of the celebration of World Radio Day, which Algeria will celebrate this year on Radio Tlemcen.”

Laqab also touched on “the role of local radio in embodying the neighborhood media close to the citizen” so that he can be, as he said, “his sincere voice before the state and central authorities on the one hand, and at the same time he can deliver his voice to the state and central authorities with the necessary efficiency and manner and at the appropriate time to the citizen on the other hand.” On the other hand”.

The Minister took advantage of this meeting, which he considered “fruitful and useful,” to deliver “a set of instructions and directives to radio station managers, the most prominent of which relate to caring for the citizen first and foremost and diversifying the contents and methods of conveying information and the language of its delivery as well,” along with “paying attention to the region, highlighting the most important figures and historical stations, and highlighting the state’s efforts in All fields and delivering them to the citizen.”

These directives – according to the same source – also include “taking into account the social and cultural interactions with neighboring countries regarding the border states’ radio stations regarding the issue of broadcasting and FM interference, coordination with the state in all official and unofficial activities, and consultation with the central radio.”

He also stressed “the necessity of respecting the laws and adhering to the ethics and ethics of the profession” and that the public media be a “role model” in this field, while working to transform local radio into “a center of cultural, civilizational and social radiation by hosting specialists, each in his field.”

For his part, the Advisor to the President of the Republic in charge of the General Directorate of Communication, Mr. Kamal Sidi Al-Saeed, confirmed that “developing and modernizing local radio is one of the priorities of the President of the Republic, Mr. Abdelmadjid Tebboune, and today it plays an important role in giving the voice to the citizen,” noting “the status of the new laws.” “to strengthen the media in all its forms and their role in giving Algeria the media power it deserves.”

The advisor to the President of the Republic considered that the audiovisual media and public media are the “locomotive” of this trend, and therefore “it must be strengthened and the ethics and morals of media work must be fully adhered to.”

For his part, the Director General of the National Radio, Mr. Mohamed Baghali, confirmed that this regional meeting “has today become a good year, and is evidence of the care and attention that the Algerian state gives to the National Radio,” noting “the expansion of the broadcast network of some local radio stations to 24/24 hours.” “Similar to Radio Bouira, starting next February 13.”

Baghali also highlighted “the status of local radio stations, according to the nature and specificity of each region across the nation,” praising “the efforts of radio station officials in developing programs and radio content for each station.”

The work of this national symposium continued by opening a “broad discussion” before radio station managers, who “highly appreciated the content of this meeting,” highlighting “their concerns and suggestions for developing and diversifying their radio programs and services and raising them to the level of listeners’ aspirations.”

At the conclusion of the meeting, the Minister of Communications directed the submission of “detailed reports to determine the needs and necessities of each local radio station so that all the shortcomings known to the regional radio stations can be studied and addressed,” according to the same statement.

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