The President of the Republic summons both chambers of Parliament


A presidential decree was issued in the latest issue of the Official Gazette, which includes summoning Parliament to meet in both chambers next Monday.

Presidential Decree No. 23-462 of December 19, 2023, which summons the Parliament sitting in its two chambers, stated that, based on the Constitution and in accordance with the organic law specifying the organization and work of the National People’s Assembly and the National Assembly, as well as the functional relations between them and the government, “the Parliament sitting in its two chambers meeting together shall be summoned on the 25th.” December 2023.”

The agenda of Parliament in its extraordinary session – according to the same text – includes the opening of the session, followed by a speech by the President of the Republic, so that the session will be concluded once the aforementioned agenda is exhausted.

According to what the Algerian news agency, Bahar, reported this week, “starting at the end of the current year 2023, the President of the Republic will participate in this constitutional activity called “Speech to the Nation,” and it will constitute an opportunity for the President to address representatives of the people, in order to evaluate the achievements of the current year.”

For President Tebboune, this annual speech will also constitute “an occasion to evaluate the political, economic and social conditions, as well as the country’s foreign policy, without neglecting to determine the prospects for the following year.”

The President of the Republic’s first “Speech to the Nation” will be in a special edition this year, because it will be the first of its kind, and will include a complete assessment of the past four years, since the President took office in late 2019.

The decision falls within the “standards” approved by the President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, since he assumed power, the most important of which is strengthening communication between institutions and the state among themselves and between it and the people. The “Nation’s Address” will also be a prominent event in the two chambers of Parliament, as for the first time the president will come down to address the people. He crossed it after being marginalized for decades.

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