The President of the Republic mourns Hajj Abdelkader Al Sayed Al Sheikh – Algerian Dialogue


The President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, offered his sincere condolences to the family of the late Fadila Si Hajj Abdelkader Al Sayed Sheikh “Hajj Qadaa,” Sheikh of Zaouia Sidi Ahmed Ben Bahous Metlili.

The text of the condolence statement read: “God is the Greatest.. God Almighty wished that Haj Abdelkader Al Sayed Al Sheikh, the sheikh of the Zawia of Sidi Ahmed Ben Bahous in Mtlili Chaanba, whose departure we lose along with our people in Mtlili, and the disciples of Zawia Sidi Ahmed Ibn Bahous Al Amra, a scholar. Among those who are pious and admonishing are their blessed efforts to serve the corners and ensure their care.”

The President of the Republic added: “Let them remain beacons in which the Holy Quran is repeated, memorized and recited.” Its sides are filled with students of jurisprudence and Sharia, and the fragrance of the noble Prophet’s Sunnah emanates from it.”

President Tebboune added: “In the face of this painful affliction, we bid farewell to a teacher, jurist and preacher. Among the elite of those responsible for preserving the status of the corners and their religious and national role in our country. I address you and all our people in Mtlili Chaamba. To the students and students of Al-Zawiya, my deepest condolences and sincere feelings of sympathy. Praying to God Almighty to cover the deceased with his vast mercy, dwell him in his spacious gardens, and inspire everyone with patience and solace.”

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