The New York Times: The missile that targeted Baptist Hospital was not launched from Gaza – Algerian Dialogue


The New York Times revealed that the missile that targeted Baptist Hospital on Tuesday, October 17, and caused a humanitarian catastrophe, was not launched from Gaza.

The New York Times report comes at a time when the Zionist entity insists on evading responsibility and clinging to the narrative that “Hamas is the culprit.”

The American newspaper said in a report entitled: “A closer look at some of the key evidence in the Gaza hospital explosion,” that “the video shows a shell penetrating the dark Gaza sky and exploding in the air.” Seconds later, another explosion was seen on the ground.”

She noted, “This footage has become widely cited evidence, as Israeli and American officials confirmed that a stray Palestinian missile malfunctioned in the sky, fell to the ground and caused a fatal explosion at the Baptist Hospital in Gaza City.”

She confirmed that “the detailed visual analysis she conducted concluded that the video clip taken from the Al Jazeera TV camera, which was broadcast live on the night of October 17, shows something else.”

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