The new Algeria scores points in the field of democracy


The new Algeria scores points in the field of democracy and steps confidently on the same path

The Speaker of the National Assembly, Salih Gojil, confirmed that Algeria is scoring points in the field of democracy as we celebrate the International Day of Democracy, stressing that our country is confidently moving on the same path, taking November as an inevitable reference.

Gugel added, Tweet On the “X” platform on the occasion of the International Day of Democracy, a complaint for its present and future under the guise of magnanimity, zeal, and defense of its sovereignty and the independence of its decisions.

In this context, the Office of the National Assembly, headed by Salih Vogel, Speaker of the National Assembly, issued a statement in celebration of the International Day of Democracy, which falls on September 15 of each year, stressing that the International Day of Democracy has become a distinguished opportunity to examine the reality of democratic practice across the world and the extent of societies’ commitment. Adhering to the democratic logic in terms of values ​​and practicality, far from the logic of selectivity, double standards, and double standards.

The same statement added that it is a fundamental basis for serving peoples and nations and is based on the values ​​of peace, security, sustainable development and human rights while respecting the diverse cultural, ethnic and civilizational particularities among peoples and nations, in addition to objective and unambiguous support for the right of peoples to self-determination and their right to dignity without discrimination. Or exclusion.

The Council’s office explained that sixteen (16) years have passed since the International Day of Democracy was adopted by UN Resolution No. 62/2007 on September 7, 2007 and the designation of September 15 as the International Day of Democracy. It also marks the 26th anniversary of the Universal Declaration on Democracy, adopted by the Inter-Parliamentary Union. At its 161st session on September 16, 1997, parliamentary traditions around the world settled on commemorating this occasion in parallel with what the Inter-Parliamentary Union is doing, which makes this day an opportunity to emphasize the important role of the parliamentary institution in each country and praise what national parliaments can do. In order to deepen societal values ​​of democracy, justice, social progress, right and law, as well as what is related to the issue of environmental protection as it is one of the major global challenges at the present time.

The same statement noted that, based on the fact that the slogan chosen this year, by the Inter-Parliamentary Union, to commemorate this day, is focused on “more effective democracy in the service of the climate,” there is undoubtedly a major role played by parliaments in serving democracy and the environment and strengthening ties. Which may bring them together, especially through the enactment of legislation that is appropriate and keeps pace with the repercussions and challenges posed by climate change and global warming at the present time. This is what prompted Algeria, like other countries of the world, to give the issue of climate appropriate importance within what is related to national protection of the environment, by establishing Legal rules that generally aim to combat problems affecting the environment and ensure environmental protection within the framework of sustainable development.

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