The National Gendarmerie in Djanet dismantles a criminal network engaged in illegal gold mining activity – Al-Hiwar Algeria


Within the framework of combating organized crime in its various forms, especially those related to illegal prospecting and mining for gold, as well as smuggling across the territory of the jurisdiction of the regional group of the National Gendarmerie in Djanet, and following information received by the Special Division of the Southern Observation of the National Gendarmerie in Djanet, that a criminal group is engaged in the activity of illegal gold exploration.
After completing the legal procedures and under a search warrant issued by the Public Prosecutor at the Djanet court, a court plan was drawn up to arrest this group, as a house and a shop were raided in the municipality of Burj Al-Hawas, by the units affiliated with the group under the supervision of the commander of the regional group of the National Gendarmerie in Djanet, and this after cordoning off the place and taking security measures and precautions, the two operations resulted in the seizure of:

The first operation seized 406.6 grams of the yellow metal, a sum of money amounting to 01 billion and 163 million centimeters, and the arrest of 01 persons of Algerian nationality.
The second operation seized 51 grams of the yellow metal, an amount of money estimated at 02 billion and 165 million centimes, 34 balances for gold weight, a special electronic machine for counting money, the arrest of 03 people of Algerian nationality and 01 of an African nationality, the total amount of money seized was 03 billion 328 million centimes, the total amount of yellow metal seized: 457.6 grams
After notifying the competent judicial authorities in a region, an investigation has been opened in the case, and the suspects will be brought to justice, after completing all the necessary legal procedures. In the same context, we call on all citizens to contribute to fighting crime in all its forms by calling the green number 1055.

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