The National Gendarmerie draws up a special plan on the occasion of the Prophet’s birthday – Algerian Dialogue


The National Gendarmerie Command has drawn up a special preventive security plan on this occasion, to secure the various celebration spaces, as well as the road network located within the jurisdiction, where all necessary measures have been taken, and this is by establishing security formations in order to ensure effective monitoring and embodying a permanent and continuous presence in the field, on the occasion of the celebrations. On the honorable birth of the Prophet for this year 1445 AH, corresponding to the year 2023 AD, and with the intention of preparing the atmosphere to celebrate this occasion in a safe atmosphere dominated by tranquility and reassurance,

The National Gendarmerie plan drawn up on this occasion relies on neighborhood work and valuing public service in order to preserve public security and tranquility. A number of field measures have also been taken to combat the illegal trade in firecrackers and fireworks in order to preserve public health and intensify patrols to ensure rapid and effective intervention when necessary. The National Gendarmerie leadership has also addressed 97 cases resulted in the arrest of 102 people and the confiscation of approximately 1,700,000 firecrackers.

The National Gendarmerie also puts at the service of citizens at all times and places, the green number (10.55) to call for help and ambulance or to intervene when necessary, as well as the “TARIKI” website on the Internet, and through the Facebook page, to inquire about the condition of the roads, in addition to the website for prior complaints and inquiries. Remotely «».

Finally, the National Gendarmerie leadership is pleased to extend its warmest congratulations to all Algerian citizens on the occasion of the Prophet’s birthday, and calls on them to adhere to preventive measures and adhere to the rules of safety and public health.

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