The National Council for Human Rights appreciates the state’s efforts to care for the elderly – Algerian Dialogue


Yesterday, Saturday, the National Council for Human Rights appreciated the efforts made by the state to take care of the category of elderly persons by providing them with health care and conducting family and social mediation to keep them in their family circle.
In a statement commemorating the International Day of Older Persons, which falls on October 1 of each year, the Council considered that the family mediation procedure framed by Executive Decree No. 16-62 of February 11, 2016 is “extremely important,” calling for “the necessity of strengthening it by all available means.” .

He stated that “the social and family mediation mechanism is a preventive measure aimed at resolving all conflict situations that may arise between family members, especially between branches and ascendants,” noting that this mechanism falls within the framework of “proactive measures to resolve family problems, resolve disputes, and enhance family and social cohesion.” “This contributes to protecting the elderly in the family.”

In this context, the Council stressed “the need to accompany this measure so that it is more effective through psychological and social support for the elderly person and his family, to avoid recurring cases of abandonment or neglect of the elderly.”

In this regard, the Council recorded “a continuous decrease in the number of residents residing in institutions and receiving elderly persons, as it decreased from 2,185 people in 2010 to 1,444 in 2021.”

He added that Algeria “dedicated to providing health care for elderly people by preparing and implementing programs to protect this group, especially those with chronic diseases or those with special needs, and making them benefit from all services related to treatment, readjustment, and psychological care.”

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