The National Bureau for the Eradication of Literacy begins the digitization of educational content – Al-Hiwar Al-Jazaeryia


The National Bureau for Literacy and Adult Education has begun to include digitization in the pedagogical contents of illiteracy eradication, within the framework of the use of information and communication technologies in the educational process.
In this regard, the Director of the Bureau, Kamal Kharboush, explained on the eve of the International Literacy Day, which falls on September 8 of each year, that the Bureau has digitized all literacy books for all levels, in the form of applications through its website within the framework of the inclusion of information and communication technologies in the process Education and learning.
The same speaker highlighted that this measure aims to “activate the measures taken in the literacy programs through the adoption of modern methods in order to enhance the in-person lessons approved in the Diwan program with remote accompanying mechanisms for the benefit of those charged with teaching literacy as well as the learners.”
The same official revealed that the Bureau intends to launch a digital platform that includes data on how to join the literacy departments, registrations, and end-of-semester results.
He also touched on the national strategy for the eradication of illiteracy, noting that “thanks to the concerted efforts of everyone from ministerial departments, sectors and associations, the illiteracy rate witnessed a significant decline, as it decreased to 7.40 percent in 2022.”
He stated that the number of those registered in the literacy departments since the launch of the national strategy for the eradication of illiteracy in 2008 has reached more than 5 million students, of whom 3.6 million have obtained a graduation certificate from the literacy departments, which is equivalent to 70.68 percent of the total number of registered students at the national level.
Regarding the academic year 2022-2023, Mr. Kharbouch highlighted that the total number of students enrolled in the literacy departments reached 300,969 students, most of whom are females with a rate of 91.42 percent, supervised by 12,585 teachers.
Kharboush added that, since the beginning of the current year, 748 graduate students from literacy departments have been integrated into distance education and 218 others into vocational training, in addition to the registration of 511 blind people in literacy departments using Braille technology.
In parallel, the Bureau carries out sensitization and awareness-raising operations about the programs and mechanisms adopted in the field of literacy to introduce it and highlight its importance, by organizing exhibitions and open doors.
It also works hard to embody the desired national goals and the recommendations of the Arab Contract for the Eradication of Literacy and the goals of sustainable development, and to activate alternative methods in the eradication of illiteracy in its various forms and new concepts, in light of the interest and financial and moral capabilities provided by the state in this field.

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