The National Association for the Disabled of the National Liberation War denounces the barbaric aggression against Gaza – Algerian Dialogue


Yesterday, Sunday, the National Assembly of the Disabled of the National Liberation War denounced the barbaric aggression and the heinous and immoral crimes committed by the Zionist occupation against the Gaza Strip, calling on the Arab and Islamic countries to stop this brutal aggression..

In a statement, the association denounced these “barbaric attacks and heinous and immoral crimes committed in full view of everyone by the Zionists, supported by America and its allies, against the Palestinian people.”

She considered that “the time has come to take decisive measures to deter the Zionist enemy who is sowing corruption in the land of the Night Journey and Mi’raj,” stressing at the same time that “what is happening in Gaza by the Zionist occupier, killing children, women, and the elderly, and bombing hospitals, is a massacre and an unforgivable crime.”

In this context, the association called on all Arab and Islamic countries to “stand shoulder to shoulder to stop this brutal aggression against the Palestinian people.”

The association did not miss the opportunity to appreciate “the Algerian state’s firm position in supporting the Palestinian cause and just causes in the world, most importantly the right of the Palestinian people to defend their land and sanctities, while condemning the heinous Zionist aggression against defenseless citizens in Gaza, as genocide and a war crime against humanity.”

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