The National Assembly renews its appreciation for President Tebboune’s development project


Speaker of the National Assembly, Salih Gojil, chairs the meeting of the expanded Council’s office on Monday, September 11, 2023 (HM)

The Office of the National Assembly, headed by Salah Gojil, renewed its appreciation for the development project sponsored by the President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, which he began with a prelude whose maps were drawn by events and facts from reality that adopted the principle of renewal and reform and the pursuit of consolidating convictions in the importance of national gains, on the basis that they are everyone’s gains. They should to save it.

The Office of the National Assembly, headed by its president, Salih Gojil, explained in a statement on Monday that it calls for the involvement of all living forces and masses of citizens in the political and economic renewal that is taking place under the guidance of the President of the Republic and restoring development momentum not only economically, but also politically, institutionally, and strategically, internally and externally.

The same source stressed that the president’s project took into account the principle of renewal and reform and the pursuit of consolidating convictions about the importance of national gains on the basis that they are everyone’s gains and must be preserved.

The Speaker of the National Assembly, Salih Gojil, urged the members of the Council to be diligent and persevere and carry out their duties, each within the scope of their responsibilities, to raise the level of performance of this constitutional body, and to spare no effort in translating it, which would reflect positively on the pace of the Council’s supervisory and legislative activity. The nation and what is also related to parliamentary diplomacy.

Gogel recalled the heavy agenda of the current parliamentary session, including draft laws, in addition to discussing the government’s general policy statement, as well as the expected amendment to the internal regulations of the National Assembly in line with the Constitution of November 1, 2020 and Organic Law No. 16-12, which determines the organization of the National People’s Assembly and the National Assembly. And their work, as well as the functional relations between them and the government, amended and supplemented.

In this regard, the Speaker of the National Assembly called on the committee concerned with reviewing the Council’s bylaws to accelerate the pace of its work with the aim of reaching, in the near future, a deep and expanded formulation that would lead to an answer to the issues that were raised when preparing the effective bylaws.

Gogel also reiterated the importance of programming the two draft laws related to the municipality and the state during this session, and directed the necessity of preparing for a parliamentary symposium that includes the various actors and sectors concerned to address this issue in an appropriate manner.

Gogel affirmed the involvement of the members of the Council in this endeavor, which aims to build a state for all and strengthen the home front, stressing the awareness of the people and their sense of citizenship in mobilizing all living energies, and recalling that the home front rises above the immediate material gain, and it records firm steps in the nation’s repertoire, to reach… The end is a national gain.

For this reason, the Council’s office stressed that it is imperative that this issue be given the attention and care it deserves, that it be preserved by all means, and that it is not left vulnerable to any bias, stressing that wisdom requires establishing the people’s loyalty and devotion to the homeland with all its material and moral components, which is what is understood. That the decisions of the higher authorities are based on demonstrating the general sovereignty of the nation, the homeland, and the people.

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