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Today, Wednesday, members of the National Assembly approved the text of the law related to the protection and preservation of state lands, following their approval of the new wording of Article 2 of it, which was the subject of disagreement between the two chambers of Parliament.
The ratification took place during a public session chaired by the Speaker of the Council, Saleh Gogel, in the presence of the Minister of Justice, Keeper of the Seals, Abdel Rashid Tabbi, and the Minister of Relations with Parliament, Basma Azwar.
When presenting the new wording of the provisions of Article 2, which was prepared by the equal-member committee and was approved, yesterday, Tuesday, by representatives of the National People’s Assembly, Al-Tabbi stated that the text of the law related to the protection and preservation of state lands came “in implementation of the instructions of the President of the Republic, which include preparing a legal text on protecting state lands and stopping… The phenomenon of assault and permissibility against it,” and constitutes “a new framework that strengthens the legal system in effect in this field through preventive and deterrent provisions and new protection mechanisms.”
By the way, Tabbi considered that the National Assembly’s approval of the text of this law and its acceptance by the National People’s Assembly is “an effective means to stop the assault on state lands, which will be completed within days by reconsidering the construction law and issuing the regulatory text for the Urban Police and giving it the power of judicial police in the new Code of Criminal Procedure.” “.
He pointed out that all of these mechanisms “will provide a law that puts a final end to the phenomenon of aggression and acquisition of state lands and confronts the phenomenon of chaotic construction that has distorted the urban landscape of our country.”

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