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Today, Tuesday in the capital, members of the National Assembly unanimously approved the cancellation of the two amendments in dispute between the two chambers of Parliament in the text of the Forests and Forest Resources Law.
This came in a public session chaired by Saleh Gogel, Speaker of the National Assembly, in the presence of the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Mohamed Abdel Hafeez Hani, the Minister of Communications, Mohamed Laqab, and the Minister of Relations with Parliament, Basma Azzwar.
On October 9, the National Assembly approved the text of the Forests and Forest Resources Law, but it made reservations on two of the amendments included by the National People’s Assembly when it ratified this text on June 24.
The matter is about adding a second paragraph to Article 27 that allows governors to issue a license to cancel the classification of land belonging to the public forest domain, and including Article 163 related to settling the status of illegal buildings that have been completed on forest lands.
This prompted the formation of an equal-member committee consisting of members from both chambers, for the purpose of proposing a text related to the provisions in question, in accordance with the requirements of the provisions of Article 145 (fifth paragraph) of the Constitution.
After a series of meetings, the committee reached the deletion of the second paragraph of Article 27 and the deletion of Article 163 from the text of the law, a cancellation that was presented and approved by the representatives of the Council on the twentieth of this November.
In his intervention after the vote, the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development praised the efforts made in studying the law related to forests and forest resources, stressing that “this vital and strategic text will contribute significantly to preserving forests and forest resources, valuing them and rationally exploiting them within the framework of a new outlook, which takes into account all variables, especially Climatic conditions, economic and social approach.”

The minister pointed out that this legal text “confirms the important role of forest resources in creating added value and improving the standard of living of the population, which makes preserving them for future generations a priority.”

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