The “Nation Speech” establishes a new democratic republic


Constitutional law expert, Professor Alla Al-Ayeb, confirmed on Wednesday that the President of the Republic’s decision to activate Article 150 of the Constitution, which allows him to deliver an annual address to the nation before the two chambers of Parliament, embodies the President’s desire to perpetuate the traditions and landmarks of the new democratic republic.

Al-Ayeb stated, in a statement to Radio Channel One, that the President of the Republic activated this article for several reasons, most notably the establishment of a new democratic republic, adding that the 2020 Constitution is one of the most important factors that help in this, as it is a truly representative constitution, given the committee that prepared it and the consultations in which all political actors participated. And the academy.

Al-Ayeb added that the same constitution produced many positives, such as the election law, which included very important amendments, the most important of which was the abolition of closed lists in addition to the elimination of corrupt money for the sake of moralizing public political life. He returned to emphasizing that the president, in his speech to the nation from the parliament chamber, is an appreciation And recognition of this constitutional institution.

The President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, is preparing to address the nation before the end of this year before the representatives of Parliament in both chambers, in which he is expected to present a statement about the general situation in the country and the outcome of the achievements and projects that were achieved during the four-year period of his first term, which ends in late December 2024.

For the president, this annual speech will also constitute “an occasion to evaluate the political, economic and social conditions, as well as the country’s foreign policy, without neglecting to determine the prospects for the following year.”

The President of the Republic’s first “Speech to the Nation” will also be in a special edition this year, because it will be the first of its kind, and will include a complete assessment of the past four years, since the President took office in late 2019.

The decision falls within the “ Sunnahs ” approved by the President of the Republic since he assumed power, the most important of which is strengthening communication between institutions and the state, among themselves and between them and the people, which was embodied in his periodic meetings with the media, as well as his words in major forums and events, in addition to his messages on national and religious occasions.

In the opinion of many observers of political affairs in Algeria, the President of the Republic’s decision to adopt and activate this constitutional mechanism is another step on the path to establishing a state of institutions and separating the three powers: executive, legislative and judicial.

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