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An Algerian student named Abderrahmane Mufti died in mysterious circumstances, following a fall, last Tuesday evening, according to what media outlets reported.

Reports stated that the young man’s death was a result of his fall from the seventh floor at Mount Clare University in New Jersey, USA.

Members of the Mufti family residing in Algiers published a post on their social media pages containing the news of the death of their 19-year-old son, Abdul Rahman Mufti, yesterday at Montclair State University in the United States of America.

The post included the death of Abdul Rahman, confirming that he was a victim of Western incitement against Muslims, similar to the death of a Palestinian child last Saturday.

He pointed out that Abdul Rahman, the university’s valedictorian, was attacked by students who threw him from the seventh floor because of his support for the Palestinian cause, but the university administration refuted this and considered it merely an allegation and denied the existence of criminal suspicion.

The publication addressed the wave of incitement these days against Muslim children and youth, which has become public, especially on social networking sites, where account holders supporting Palestine are subjected to persecution campaigns at work, and dozens of Muslim youth have been dismissed from their work positions in universities, schools, and medical clinics because of their position after incitement against them. On social networking sites.

The publication indicates in conclusion that this is a practical experience of what may happen in the future if the West decides to get rid of Muslims there, after a campaign of demonization, then targeting, and then depriving them of their blood, as is happening these days in Gaza, Palestine, as we watch them and cannot save them.

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