The Ministry of Youth and Sports opens the door for employment in these positions – New Algeria


revealed Ministry Youth and Sports announced the opening of a recruitment competition in the sector’s structures and facilities in several states, where the number of positions was estimated at 1,814 positions for the year 2024/2025.

According to the same Entities In its statement on the official Facebook page, it included the following:

In order to overcome the administrative obstacles that prevent the employment of young people in the structures and facilities affiliated with the youth and sports sectors in the southern states, according to the available capabilities and credits.”

The statement added, “The employment will affect 152 youth and sports institutions, with a number of 1,814 positions for the year 2024/2025.”

Distributed among 07 southern states under the banner of equality “North South/East West”

and about the states Concerned relates to each of the mandates of:




the valley


Baji Mokhtar Tower

That’s a dwarf

Bani Abbas.

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