The Ministry of Interior reviews the disaster insurance system


The Minister of Interior confirms that there will be a disaster insurance system

The Minister of the Interior, Local Communities and Urban Planning, Ibrahim Murad, confirmed the inclusion of 18 new risks in the Disaster Risks Law, as this law will allow for a review of the disaster insurance system by making it more attractive when underwriting and flexible when compensating.

Murad explained, during his presentation of the preliminary draft of a law related to the rules of prevention, intervention and disaster risk reduction within the framework of sustainable development before the Legal and Administrative Affairs and Liberties Committee of the National People’s Assembly, on Monday, according to the ministry’s statement, that the review of the law emerges from the embodiment of the 54 obligations of the President of the Republic with regard to ensuring a framework A qualitative living that respects the requirements of sustainable development, environmental preservation, property preservation and wealth protection.

The minister added that Algeria has been afflicted in recent years by many disasters, resulting in massive loss of human lives and significant material damage, resulting in significant sums of money paid for post-disaster intervention at a rate of no less than 35 billion dinars annually.

The same speaker also pointed out that previous experiences confirmed the existence of weaknesses and deficiencies in the legal framework, especially the limitation of treatment to taking care of their effects, while it is necessary to include prevention and prediction as two main axes.

According to the Minister of the Interior, the draft law contains 24 new articles and 66 redrafted articles. The new law includes moving from 10 dangers to 18 dangers by including new dangers, especially those related to climate change, space, cybernetic dangers, the locust danger, and biotechnological dangers.

Murad highlighted that the new text allows the transition from disaster management to prevention, intervention and risk reduction, including participatory management of risks, paying attention to investment in prevention and forecasting with the inclusion of modern technologies and digitalization, including a final stage devoted to recovery and hospitalization after the disaster, rehabilitation and reconstruction, as well as enhancing awareness. Public awareness and raising civil sense in the field of dealing with risks, reviewing the disaster insurance system by making it more attractive when underwriting and flexible when compensating.

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