The Ministry of Industry seeks to consolidate the culture of retrieval among Algerians – Al-Hiwar Al-Jazaeryia


The central director in charge of artificial intelligence at the Ministry of Industry and Pharmaceutical Production, Miqdad Aqoun, said that the campaign to collect sacrificial skins targets 40 states during this year and to retrieve 2 million pieces within the framework of benefiting from this wealth and establishing a culture of retrieval among citizens.

Mekdad Aqoun confirmed, today, Sunday, during the “Sabah Guest” radio program, that the leather sector is a vital and creative sector for wealth and jobs, aiming to raise the level of the industrial sector’s contribution to the raw product, which amounted to 5.7 percent. He added that the fourth campaign to collect sacrificial skins, which this year carried the slogan “precious wealth…optimal exploitation in order to advance economic diversification,” which was launched last March in coordination with various ministerial sectors and all concerned associations, affects 40 states through local committees under the supervision of governors working on Setting a plan for the campaign to collect sacrificial skins, where the goal of collecting 2 million pieces of skin was set, by providing all material and human capabilities at the level of various municipalities and states to facilitate the process.

Aqoun said that the Ministry of Industry and Pharmaceutical Production seeks to develop a strategy to organize this type of operations throughout the year in order to establish a culture of taking back the citizen and not limiting it to occasions only.

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